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WAMU Illegal Entry Into Home: Case Study

Foreclosure is considered a civil issue, because it is basically a contract dispute. But with most contract disputes, both parties are considered innocent until proven guilty, not so in Foreclosures — especially in non-judicial states such as Oregon. And in most civil contract disputes, there are no innocent victims. This story focuses on a dangerous […]

Famous People Get Foreclosed too:(

People in foreclosure need entertainment too. The famous people out there are better equipped to fight. But they are not imune to the attack… Here are a few examples: Evander Holyfield House Is Pulled From Foreclosure Auction T-Boz Of Rap Group TLC Losing Atlanta Home to Foreclosure Damon Dash, Hip Hop Mogul, Facing Foreclosure on […]

Life After Foreclosure

Okay. If your home was foreclosed on and sold on the courthouse steps, you feel like life’s dealt you a major blow. The devastation left by a foreclosure is overwhelming, and feels insurmountable. Read more

Beware the loan modification merry-go-round

This is an excerpt from an informative article posted Friday, March 6 2009 at 05:00 am CT by Bob Sullivan: There’s been a lot of talk lately about loan modifications for homeowners facing foreclosure, a discussion that reached a crescendo on Wednesday when the White House announced details of its “Making Home Affordable” plans. A […]

Foreclosure in Situation in Phoenix

There’s a widespread belief that banks are purposely limiting the flow of foreclosure homes onto the market, which helps prevent home prices from sliding even further but could prolong the market’s long-term recovery. And another factor influencing the likelihood of modification versus foreclosure: The Importance of the Homeowner’s Equity Perhaps the most important factor affecting […]

L.A. officials warn of foreclosure scams

L.A. officials warn of foreclosure scams12:11 PM | January 26, 2009 Alarmed by a huge increase in swindlers trying to take advantage of families whose homes are in foreclosure, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and a host of bankers, legal aid lawyers and law enforcement officials today called on the public to beware of people peddling loan […]

Foreclosure Legal Assistance Available Soon

The Washington State Bar Association has announced that beginning June 1, 2009, homeowners facing foreclosure may contact the Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project for legal assistance.  This is a statewide program with legal assistance provided by volunteer attorneys.  Check their website June 1 for further information.

Ohio Foreclosure Assistance Program Gains National Attention

Foreclosure Assistance Program Gains National Attention Save the Dream Across Ohio Activities Part of Law Day Celebration COLUMBUS – In recognition of Law Day, state officials have announced new foreclosure legal training dates and are reminding attorneys of the opportunity to serve pro bono to assist homeowners facing foreclosure as part of Ohio’s Save the […]

Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Program

Legal Services of South Central Michigan (LSSCM), through its Michigan Poverty Law Program (MPLP), has launched the Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Program. The program is a partnership with legal aid offices throughout Michigan, as well as housing counselors throughout Michigan and the National Consumer Law Center. The program has already begun accepting referrals and providing assistance.

Welcome to the Foreclosure Victims Blog

We’re a not-for-profit website created by foreclosure victims for foreclosure victims. Our goals include: To empower the victims of foreclosure through unity. To give foreclosure victims a venue and a strong voice. To illustrate and document the crimes being committed against these unfortunate families and provide a chronology to document patterns in practice that are […]

Foreclosure? Will WAMU Get a Bag of Coal this Christmas!

We all hope the idea of loan modifications will prove to be a useful one, but the following true story may leave us a bit skeptical: “In response to your request to modify your loan, we are sending a locksmith to re-key your locks and lock your your family out on the street.” Which is […]

Advertisers selling “Foreclosure Help” can be tricky!

In fact, perhaps it’s fair and accurate to say that most are parasites. We want you to consider ALL your options… There are a LOT of people advertising on the Internet ready to drain your last drop of blood when you’re down! But among the myriad of ads there ads and organic search results there […]