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Hopeful Homeowners Fall for foreclosure Rescue Scams – ABC News
Gray times call for black and white advice. So here it is: If somebody approaches you and says he or she can help modify your mortgage or save your home from foreclosure, run away. Unless the person suggesting this works for your mortgage company, it …

10 questions: A calling for parks – Morning Sun
Gratiot County Parks and Recreation director Nicole Frost stands on a bridge in Reed Park in Gratiot County. Staining this bridge is one of many projects Frost is working on in the parks. Sun photograph by LISA YANICK-JONAITIS for several years …

Urban gardens could cause neighborhood trouble – News-Leader.com
In response to a July 31 Voices editorial, a zoning text amendment permitting urban gardens will soon reappear before the Planning and Zoning Commission. Urban gardens appear to be a plus for our community and on the surface seem benign, especially …

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