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Obama calls Kanye a jackass. President still on Santa’s Nice list!

Obama calls Kanye a jackass. But Santa Claus still thinks Obama’s cool! Remember, Santa’s making a list, checking it twice and gonna find out who’s naughty or nice. And Santa’s crystal ball goes beyond the surface. Santa has seen Obama calls Kanye a jackass. and fight hard to get poor Americans health care! And Jackasses […]

Foreclosure Victims Rights

Conway fraud scheme lawsuit drags on for 3 years – The Sun News It has been three years since an alleged mortgage fraud scheme was discovered in Conway, but the finance companies that lost $1.5 million still haven’t reclaimed their money, the FBI appears to be no closer to making an arrest and Brenda Myers […]

Santa Claus helps homeowners in distress

Santa Claus on has been working to publicize the plight of homeowners facing foreclosure for months. Santa wants to thank President Obama for his cutting edge work to help Forecosure victims and his new “Making Home Affordable” plan , unlike the Hopless “Hope for Homeowners” created by the Bush Administration. Our sincere thanks to […]