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Obama Plan to Reduce Foreclosures 2/19/2010 Speech Video Comments

Watch the Video Now: (Speech text below) Barack Obama announced his plan to reduce foreclosures at Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona Wednesday. The $75 billion plan could prevent up to 9 million Americans from losing their homes. Blog administrators comment: The amount of money being invested in inciting fear regarding Obama’s efforts across the […]

Why We Tea Party the Best President In Decades?

With so many so-so presidents over the years. And too many notoriously less than so-so presidents over the years. If we can just squint a little, strain our eyes a bit, see through the smoke and mirrors you’ll find the puppet strings of the Tea Party Investors. (And they may very well be the same […]

I do believe in Permanent Loan Modifications, I do, I do…

The house thing took a turn for the worse… After the trial loan modification, (9/09 through 11/09) Chase informed us that they declined our transition from trial to permanent, with a whole bunch of strange reasons and then ultimately after asking a half dozen representatives, they provided one logical reason The reasons for denial they […]