Why We Tea Party the Best President In Decades?

With so many so-so presidents over the years. And too many notoriously less than so-so presidents over the years. If we can just squint a little, strain our eyes a bit, see through the smoke and mirrors you’ll find the puppet strings of the Tea Party Investors. (And they may very well be the same investors you’re waiting for to approve your loan modifications:)) And they are investing very heavily in undermining everything Obama has been trying to do since he got into office. They are investing many, many dollars in instigating and feeding the flames of this “Tea Party” that’s spreading faster than the swine flu. If you are familiar with the movie “The Island”, than it’s Obama’s turn to win the lottery! Because he has seen through the smoke and mirrors and is not willing enough to play the game. If you’re not familiar with The Island, suffice to say Obama is playing the role of Winston Smith from George Orwell’s 1984. In any case, the powers that be (making the big buck) don’t want Obama to succeed. So this man’s biggest crime: Being the first president in my memory who has tried so hard (failure is acceptable, effort is what’s given the grade) to do somethin that is apparently not part of the real reason for electing a president: Really doing (Snicker… Gulp! Yikes!) what he promised to do in his campaign. That was (apparently) not what we were planning when we passionately put him into office. Apparently we look for a “Go to church on Sunday so we can sleep better after being a bad dude all week” magic elixir. But if this crazy president doesn’t understand the plan, how are we going to continue to drain the last drop of blood out of the poor to support the fat of the tiny minority that control all the wealth in this world. So they incite the very people who Obama is trying to help to accuse him of being everything from a Maoist to an illegal alien. Well, alien he may very well be! He apparently doesn’t understand how to rub shoulders with the people in the $10,000 suits. Let’s not fall for this trick. A bro has nothing to do with the color of a person’s skin. It has to do with loyalty. And Obama, in that sense, is the best “bro” we’ve had in a long time. I am the dog on the side of the road that got hit by a car. When someone pulls over to help. I won’t bite him, I’ll bite the guy who ran me down! Let’s find an appropriate level of respect for a president who may very well be one of the most ethical and sincere this country has ever scene!

The fact that big bucks are being invested in discrediting Obama is testament to his threat to the people who control the money and make the big bucks by squeezing the little people. Everyone forgets that the poorer you are the more you pay every month for everything: Mortgages, interest rates, credit cards, car payments… Obama, the Harvard man he is, sees through this and thus poses a threat to the Buffalo Bill feast on the poor that has been en vogue for all these years. And health care, well insurance companies are sweating and money is pouring into sabotaging any effort to really make health care affordable to poor people. We live in a society that makes good people seem like criminals and makes Buffalo Bill look like Ghandi. The poor father who buys a car for $250 but can’t afford liability insurance. Every time he drives to work to feed his kids, he is a criminal! What a world! What if we paid at the pump for basic liability insurance. Than if he bought $2.00 worth of gas to put food on the table, he could legally drive to work and feed his kids!

What if we encouraged thinking instead of expecting the status quo. Let’s think out of the box. Because the box is made out a a familiar pine and we are having a Good Ole Boy Tea Party driving nails into our own coffins!

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