Foreclosure Scam Lawyers and Consultants Steal Homes and Money

We will read your complaints regarding Scam Artists, Fraudulent Lawyers, Law firms and Scam Mortgage consultants and publish the list (Foreclosure Lawfirm Dot-com Scam Artists Database) here on the Foreclosure Victims Website Prevent Loan, created by HUD, let’s foreclosure Scam Victims report the scam artist. It would be an even better resource if they could share their information with the public. Being they are a government resource, they have extensive rules governing the way they disseminate the reports. On the other hand, review website, all over the planet allow their end users to publish their findings and reviews. We at will be the direct link between Foreclosure victims and the world. There are too many special interest groups wanting to blur the true story of foreclosure victims for many, many reasons. That is how we are unique. We have only one SPECIAL INTEREST: YOU, the foreclosure victim.

There are businesses created around the hardship of others: Like mushrooms growing on a dead tree. And when we are dead trees, that’s a good thing for the environment. But while our hearts are still managing to go pitter-pat, that’s heinous.

Search for a specific type of lawyer on line and you’ll find Google Masters who intercept your searches and sell the leads to law firms. But do you know that in many cases, lawyers purchasing these leads from distressed homeowners are in violation of the State Bar. And certainly a lawyer who has no regard for the law is not one who can help you understand it.

Rules of Professional Conduct Applicable to Attorneys Providing Services to Distressed Homeowners. Why are foreclosure consultants and attorneys teaming up to defraud homeowners experiencing mortgage-related distress? Individuals acting as “foreclosure consultants” are not entitled to receive payment until their loan modification work is completed. However, attorneys are permitted to accept advance fees for providing typical legal services. As a consequence, some foreclosure consultants and others offering foreclosure prevention services may partner with attorneys in an effort to get around laws that prohibit them from receiving payments from homeowners before providing the foreclosure prevention services. Homeowners should know that these partnering arrangements may violate the ethics rules governing attorneys’ professional conduct in YOUR State. To date, the many State Bar offices have not instituted specific loan modification scam regulations or initiatives. However, the following examples of attorney misconduct related to foreclosure prevention activities are typical of what may be prohibited by the State Bar: Here are some possibilities: Lawyers often cannot split fees they earn from distressed homeowner clients with foreclosure consultants, or the consultants directing or regulating the lawyer’s professional judgment. Lawyers often cannot aid a foreclosure consultant in the unauthorized practice of law. For example, Oregon lawyers may not form partnerships with foreclosure consultants if any of the activities of any such business would involve providing legal services. Lawyers often cannot contact distressed homeowners referred to them by foreclosure consultants unless the lawyers have a family or prior professional relationship with the distressed homeowners so contacted. Lawyers often cannot accept fees for little or no work.

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