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One More Good Reason Banks Don’t Make Modifications Permanent

Chase Home Finance Has MANY Good Reasons Not To Make Your Modification Permanent You’ll find quite a few listed on this blog. This is just one more, certainly not the only one: Right now your mortgage is on the books with a home value that fully covers the loan. Once the trial modification is made […]

Foreclosure Prevention: High Noon. Two Gunfighters. One Has NO Gun!

Legal battles are hard enough to fight if they are fair. But when one person goes into the ring blindfolded and with hands bound, it’s not fun to watch. This section will discuss the ideal ways to fight back if you are victimized, for any reason, by a wrongful foreclosure. What is provided is just […]

U.S. Probes Foreclosure-LPS Data Provider

U.S. Probes Foreclosure-Data Provider. Lender Processing Services Unit Draws Inquiry Over the Steps That Led to Faulty Bank Paperwork.

Wamu/Chase Foreclosure Victims’ Real Stories – Tell us yours!

Robert of San Jose, CA July 1, 2009 I would first like to state Im a first time home buyer. It all started 2006 When I recived a notice of Trustee’s Sale dont really remember the out come of that noice I do know Im still ilving in the home. Well I recived a Notice […]

Free Foreclosure Lawyer? What’s YOUR favorite lawyer joke?”

Why we need lawyer jokes: Fighting foreclosure is a legal battle and having no lawyer is like having no gun in a gunfight. The lawyers who were chasing ambulances three years ago now start chase foreclosure victims. But they are all looking for upfront fees and they often delegate your case to clerical people and […]