Wamu/Chase Foreclosure Victims’ Real Stories – Tell us yours!

Robert of San Jose, CA July 1, 2009

I would first like to state Im a first time home buyer. It all started 2006 When I recived a notice of Trustee’s Sale dont really remember the out come of that noice I do know Im still ilving in the home. Well I recived a Notice of a trustee’s sale in march of 2009 I did recive letters from WAMU bank telling me that they would work with me with modification. to my surprise every letter I recived had a number that was to only leave a message or gave options that didnt concern my needs.

Kim of Bellingham, WA June 11, 2009

I acquired an adjustable rate home loan from WAMU in 2003. A couple of years later I re-fied and took out a home equity line of credit. In late 2005 I became ill. I was never late on any payments. I began receiving letters from WAMU telling me that I needed flood insurance, which at the time of purchase was not required. I had coverage through Farmers Insurance. WAMU insisted that I didn’t have coverage and began charging my equity line for coverage that they provided. They also froze my line of credit for literally years while we hashed out the flood insurance issue. I continued making payments on my home and my line of credit. All the while I was being charged interest on the sum that was charged to my credit line for flood insurance.

Many hours were wasted on this issue. I spoke with so many people in so many departments being transferred time and time again with the explanation that their left hand did not integrate with their right hand and the information had to be faxed, mailed and/or sent electronically to department A so Department B could audit the information and find out why my line of credit was frozen even after proper documentation of my flood insurance was sent by my insurance company. They were so RUDE! Like it was my fault that their records were screwed up. The never apologized or offered any show of accountibility.

After WAMU finally cleared up the flood insurance issue on their end my line of credit remained frozen. I spent several more hours being transfered from dept. to dept. No one could figure out why my credit was frozen. All my payments had been made and my credit was in good standing. After about 18 months I got a letter explaining that since I had lost my job I had violated the terms of our agreement and my line of credit would not be re-instated.

To this day I make payments but do not have access to my home equity line of credit. I have begun to be harrassed by CHASE for flood insurance. I have coverage and do not understand how the bank can freeze my credit but then charge me for insurance infractions on that line of credit. WAMU has been a huge nightmare.

Do I have an opportunity here to be added to a class action suit? I hope so. I should be compensated for all the time I’ve wasted and extra charges I’ve incured. I have documentation of phone conversations I had with WAMU. I’d also like to look into saving my house do to medical hardships. I appreciate your consideration. Sincerely, Kim A. Storm

CARMEN of Punta Gorda, FL June 20, 2009

I contacted WAMU/JP Morgan Chase approximately a year and six months ago. I informed the lender of the property located in Sunrise Fl. (second) home being on the market but not moving. I needed some type of modification we could not afford three loans. I was told by the lender their was nothing that could be done because we were not at default. Shortly after this my husband was admitted into the hospital (third optic nerve palsy) vision impaired. He was 64 years old when it happened and had no medical insurance. He also lost his job.

Finally WAMU issued a temp. work out which Debbie S of WAMU left me a message on my home phone indicating WAMU would work on a permanent solution. I cannot count the amount of calls I’ve made to the lender to find out my modified payments. The lender has since then only requested over-and – over a revised package. I finally contacted an approved Hud housing counseling to help me complete these loan modification packages. The housing counselor indicated there was a new presidential program and I would qualify. Although the housing counseling sent this package to the lender the lender still proceeded to send my loan to foreclosure. When I was served I proceeded to send proof to the court.

Dan of Dublin, CA June 12, 2009

I lost my job in July of last year, and applied for a loan modification with Washington Mutual in March 2009. I filled out all the information and sent them everything they needed. Eventually, I received phone calls from their loan mod center saying that my information was incomplete, and I needed to submit proof of insurance payment, copy of my taxes and proof of paying my property tax, or else my case would not be reviewed. When I received the call I would pick up the phone and say hello but no one was there. Eventually I called the number back and found out they were trying to contact me for the additional info they needed. They told me they sent out a leter also, notifying me of this, but I never received it. I ended up faxing in the information twice. After receiving a second call telling me that they did not receive anything, I wrote my loan number on the top of every page that I sent in, and to no avail. Luckily, I kept the confirmation from the faxes I sent them. I finally received a letter in the mail from Washington Mutual telling me my info was still incomplete and they would not review my case. Not a nice letter to receive because at the top it says they are a debt collector collecting a debt, and that you will now be reported to a credit bureau as being delinquent (not fun considering I have tried as hard as possible not to miss a payment). When I called Washington Mutual, they said they still had not received the information I had faxed them twice, and that now I would have to start all over again with a brand new application. Most likely I will try one of their loan modification centers. Hopefully they won’t lose the paper work on the fax machine.

Denise of Sarasota, FL June 12, 2009

I am a Real Estate Title Examiner when the market crashed so did my business, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my mortgage at that point so I put the house up for sale, no surprise it did not sell. Before I even got behind on my mortgage I called and was told they could not do anything for me until I was in default, which I obviously did not want to be. I became employed again my family was going to lend me money at this point I was just 2 months behind. I recieved a letter I responded and was told I had options, when I called back after I arranged to get some money I was now 3 months (Nov 1) behind now I was told it was too late and they couldn’t help me.

I have lived in this house for 8 years for the last 5 I have owned it, I did not want to lose it. I was served in December with a Lis Pendens, I took in a roommate got a second job filled out all of there paperwork, never able to reach anyone to talk to. I went to a local branch and the manager he could not get anyone to help me. I fell for a scam for a loan modification for a 1000.00 still no help. I filed for bankrupcty to stop them from selling this house. It was approved and I started paying then they wnated more money I could not pay.

On the advice of my lawyer I had the bankrupcty dismissed and tried yet again to work with the bank. I was quite pleased to reach someone right away because now the whole country was in a mess they seemed they wanted to help and they had also recieved bailout money I was told nothing would happen until the assigned counselor spoke with me,what a relief. I sent them everything they asked for numerous times no response and many calls saying someone would contact me. I waited and called nothing after 4 months and no contact.

I recieve notice of the sale of my house for May 28th, I contacted the banks attorneys who were of no real help offered a number for me to call. I finally spoke to some arrogant man who said my information was purged but told thier attorney I never sent them anything. With no options left the house wnet for auction and the bank, the only bidder paid 100.00 for it.

So now I have no home. I don’t know where I am going and I am [upset], they not only recieved bailout funds but now they also have my house that I have paid on for almost 9years. I didn’t want a principal reduction just a simple modification of the maturity date to add what I had missed to the end of the mortgage, that is all. I have no where to go, the stress of all of this has made me sick even to the point of having a breakdown. It is not right they should not be allowed to have their cake and eat it to.

Tom of West Lafayette, IN June 12, 2009

Sent in application for a loan modification on the house I own in Bloomington, IN. I have been trying to sell for a year even after to reducing the price to where I would come even on the sale. I am currently renting house in West Lafayette, IN, on temporary duty for at least four years. Wamu acknowledged receipt of application and sent letter requesting 2 most recent bank statements, 2 most recent pay stubs and copy of most recent tax return. Since no fax available, I mailed them.

Received a from Wamu and May 29 informing me that they have recieved the information and within two weeks, I should get a call finalizing the loan modification. Have not heard back so I called on Jun 11 to check the status of the loan modification before I made my June mortgage payment. I was informed that the loan modification was denied on June 8 due to lack of required documents.

I was eventually transferred to the “Customer Care” dept and speke with Leon. He said the documents were never received and that I should re-fax or semd them to an address in Glendale, CO despite me stating that I received a call two weeks ago saying that all the required information was received. I also mentioned that the material I mailed was extremely confidential and where did it go if not received. Frustrated, I hung up then decided to call back. After a lengthly process to speak with Customer Care again, I talked with Allen this time.

The documents were received but there are no notes as to why the loan modification was denied. Could not get an answer as what information was lacking. So I asked if I could fax the information and he told me I need to submit a new application because the original application and information I sent have been shredded.

I will complete a new application and resubmit with required information this time by fax though I am not confident anything will be done. In the meantime, I get called daily from Wamu requesting my mortgage payment from someone I can hardly understand while I could not get a call on my loan modification which I really need.

Kara of Minneapolis, MN June 9, 2009

My husband and I found out we were having our first child last year! We were over the moon. Due to the economy my husband had a cut in hours at his job for a couple months. When I was ready to go back to work my job wasn’t ready for me. All in all I saw a storm coming so I contacted WaMu letting them know we would be late on the next couple months payments because we were short all around. They thanked me for contacting them before anything happened and said I would be a great candidate for a loan modification. They also told me that during the modification process our credit wouldn’t be negatively effected by a late payment.

4 months later we were denied for a modification due to lack of documentation which I sent in 3 times and made sure they got. Because the mod was taking so long my husband and I decided to sell our house. We sold it in a month which was great! As we were trying to get a pre qualified for a loan on a house 80k less than what we own on our current house we realized that we had 2 late payments on our credit score from WaMu.

After hours and hours of talking with multiple different people from WaMu they basically said it was my fault and they wouldn’t change anything. So we are closing on our house at the end of July and can’t buy a new house because of the lies WaMu told us. I am so sad with how this all turned out. We tried to do our due diligence at catch the problem before it even started but WaMu just blew smoke and now are credit is ruined. I want to be apart of a class action suit. I feel like our livelihood was totally effected in the worst way because of WaMu. I feel for all of you!

Maria of Sussex, NJ June 5, 2009

I have made repeated calls since November 2008 to WAMU to inform them that I was having trouble keeping up with my payments. they told me to do a hardship package but I would have to first not pay for 2 months so I could get the package started. So I sent in my hardship package in January well a month goes by and no calls. then I get an adjuster sent from wamu to my door and was told they sent him because they tried to reach me and could not? that’s funny since I sent a hardship package with my number and my husband work number?

I called many times in January and was told that a P. Johnson was asigned to me they gave me a # to call. well it said it is a none working # and gave me another # which asks for your loan # or S.S then that # said it could not find my loan and then hangs up on me. Finally I call another # and its there dept collection number they give me Peggy Johnsons voice mail I call and left a message after about 3 days I get a message from her stating she has no idea who I am or what this has to do with? Well again I call and get DCollection and they transfer me to her again but this time no call back. then I was told my moditification is being worked on but no one knows who is working on it and it may take until April to go through

I finally get a call 04/12/09 and was asked to Fax out updated papers I did at the WAMU bank on the 13th of april. this time I made a payment in march and then in April. May comes and I try to make a payment and they can’t procces it in the bank. I also got a katie on the phone from wamu and she says fax the papers to her that they may have never got them this was may 26 2009 again. I faxed them from wamu bank.

I get a phone call on Sunday from there dept collection and was told it was being recorded. I spoke with Duwanye of course he wants a payment I told him that I would pay but I wanted a letter from wamu telling me what months I owe and how much in total and where I should send my payments and if I pay all of it will it stop any foreclosure started, I stated that I would pay and send a certified mail with request on signiture. well he said that he could not do that!

I told him that whenever anyone calls me from wamu I also am recording and he told me well I guess this conversation is done and we are no longer talking and he hang up on me. Its funny they can record me but I can’t record them ? Well now its June 5th and no one has contacted me. I am sick from all of this physically sick!

Betty of rainier, WA June 10, 2009

I have been trying to get a copy m history payment for about 6 weeks. I have had nothing but a run around every time i call i get someone different and a different story. The one thing i don’t get is the history. I have requested this 4 times now. I talked to a supervisor (Sean) and he could not help me. I requested the no to your head office to talk to some one there and he would not give it to me. He claims there was no phone # to give me.

I ammazed me how no one has phone # in this company. I done business with WAMU Morgage for oalmos 10 years and never had problems till jp morgan chase took over. I will defentely never use them again. my daughter will use a different co to finance this house into her name now that this has all happened.I have to have all this for my attorney and i have explained this to then every time.They are the most disorginised group and then they lie about it. would not tell anyone to use this service from WAMU. I may lose my home over this becouse i cannot get the paper work i need for the courts.

Carl of Bolton, CT June 8, 2009

We began our refinancing of our current mortgage in February 2009. Initially we were told there was a 90 day lock on our new rate. We began providing the initial wage, employment and bank statements in March. Since that time we have supplied some of the information again. We were told the application was with underwriting. We made numerous phone calls to automated lines which were never answered.

We sent e-mails to specific loan processors and some were ignored or we got automated “I am out of the office”. If we did get a response it was we need more information from you or the loan is with underwriting. On Thursday June 4 I got through on a direct line and left a message on an answering machine. I did get a call back stating that my application had a new loan processor and I would hear from her on Thursday or Friday. I did get an e-mail from here and she said the application was being sent back to underwriting and that it would take 2-3 more weeks and than will have to go to another department for condominium review. So in the mean time we are still waiting. I could understand if I am a new customer but they hold our current mortgage which we have reduced by making extra payments on the principal and our FICO scores are over 800

Traci of Arlington, TX June 5, 2009

I bought a house December 2005. I lost my job 3 months later and was out of work for 2 months. Also, during this time, I became ill. Obviously, I got behind on mortgage payments. However, I did not ignore the situation and pretend it wasn’t happening. I tried contacting WaMu customer service several times to work something out with them but to no avail. They wanted their money, and they wanted me to pay in full. Impossible!

Finally, I spoke with a rep who said I could apply for a loan modification. I did all the long paperwork, made copies of everything they needed and sent in the huge package to them. I felt a little relief thinking that they were going to work with me and I was going to get through this. However, I received a letter not too long after applying, stating that I had been denied the loan modification.

Again, I tried calling WaMa customer service several times to figure something out. Instead, I usually hung up the phone crying because they made me feel so bad. I after many letters warning default/pre-foreclosure/foreclosure, I decided to sell my house. I found a wonderful realtor (after being turned down by many), and the house was approved for Short Sale. The house was sold within 4 months. I received a letter saying that the loan had been satisfied, and I was no longer responsible for the debt; I no longer had a debt.

David of Salem, OR May 26, 2009

I filed Ch 7 bankruptcy two months ago, excepting my WaMu mortgage, which was to be re-affirmed when the bankruptcy is final. Last week I get a phone call from someone in a foreign country asking me to pay up the past two months mortgage payments plus late fees. As with all my other creditors, no statements were sent to me after the initial filing. After trying to explain the situation with the voice, I asked to speak to someone else. I got a “supervisor” who spoke worse English than the first voice. I hung up.

I then get the mortgage statement in the mail, two month’s plus late fees. I call the Customer Service number, am on hold 12 minutes, hang up and drive to the local WaMu/Chase branch. I explain the situation, she calls the same Customer Service number, finally gets a voice that tells her they have to record of my bankruptcy filing and that she cannot access my account other than to tell me I owe the payments plus late charges and that I have to call their bankruptcy department. they never answer.

I go to my attorney, he rolls his eyes, shakes his head and makes a copy, says he’ll take care of it. I hope he knows what he’s up against.

Daniel of Tehachapi, CA May 12, 2009

My wife came down with cancer 6 months into our home loan with WAMU. We repeatily offered to work with WAMU but we always received the brush off. THEY NEVER ATTEMPTED TO WORK WITH US. They preferred us to default on the loan, then short sale the house and after which, they come after me for financial reimbursement. This is after they receive their BAILOUT/BUYOUT. We are now living check to check with my wife still battling cancer and myself, distraught with stress, high blood pressure and depression. I want to sue Washington Mutual for this. They should not be allowed to get away with this. I will join a Class Action also. If this holds true, I will not be able to pay for my wife’s medical care. This is not fair. I short sale’d my home. This should be enough.

Omid of Irvine, CA May 22, 2009

I am in the process of loan modification. Up until April my account was debited through automatic payments. April and May we made manual check submissions due to the loan modification temporary payment schedule. We were denied credit based on our credit score and upon our credit report review there was a reported 30 day delinquency on our mortgage payment from WaMu. Through our discussions apparently they had applied the first payment to another loan number and now are in the process of clearing after our submission of the appropriate documentation.

My wife spoke with a representative that stated that they the late payment would still show up on our credit report because we are in loan modification. None of this was mentioned in our loan modification agreement. We have attempted to resolve via phone wither several customer representatives and trying to speak with managers and get different answers each time. Can never get to the appropriate person to handle this issue. The representatives are very unfriendly and extremely unhelpful and not willing to assist in reconciling. Terrible etiquette and inappropriate behavior. What can we do to get this resolved.

Orvis of Tulsa, OK May 13, 2009

WaMu is the current holder of my mortgage and has sent me letters requesting me as a customer that refinancing was available and I could save closing cost by using them. In Jan. 09 I submitted an apllication and documents for refinancing loan # 0758948079, again in Feb. 08. In April I was approved and supposed to close shortly thereafter. I have since not heard or been able to contact these people. They requested a fee of 750 which I paid and fear this has all been a scham. The refinancing was to acquire a lower interest rate and extra cash for some remodeling and new heat and air unit. I have had to access my IRA for this which I wanted to avoid and seem to have lost the fee of 750.00.

Joyce of Durham, NC May 8, 2009

I was discharged from Bankruptcy in the month of April 2009. I was informed by the Bankruptcy court to make my payment to Washington Mutual for April which I did in the amount of 1178.00. The Check was cashed and I contacted them toward the end of April and they informed me to makemy next payment in the amount of1082.02 and to send it to the Jacksonville Fl address. New homeowners insurance was paid for the year in the amount of 644.00 on the home, and we thought everything was fine, until I received a letter on 05/7/2009 dated 05/04/2009 stating they could not accept my payment.

I contacted Washington Mutual spoke with Steven, who was very customer service focused, who informed me they had not released it on their end, and I needed to call the bankruptcy deparment on Monday. In my opinion this is unacceptable. They cashed my check, then sent me a refund due to my escrow, and now they send my payment of 1082.02 back.

I have been through the mill with Washington Mutual and something needs to be done. Maybe JPMorgan needs to reconstruct their customer service department and make sure their systems talk to each other. Something needs to be done to clear this matter up immediately. I want to make payments, but what do you do when they return your payment when you are current. Please Help.

jodi of pasadena, MD May 6, 2009

WAMU will not return calls, emails or faxes! We were suppose to do a refi 4months ago & it’s still sitting in closing! I am sure they are trying 2 back out, increase rate etc. Looks like a bait & switch!! We were approved, they have everything they need- including our money. I am currently on the phone on hold – have been for over an HOUR! Nobody!

L of Memphis, TN May 8, 2009

I attempted to apply for a loan forbearance in Nov 2008. I continued to fax forms with requested documents and followed up on the status. Tell me why its May and they are foreclosing on my mortgage. I did my part why would that drag there feet when it comes to saving my mortgage. Every time I call they say re fax or we are awaiting a negotiator to look at your mortgage. My mortgage forclosed in April 2009 due to the loss mitigation dept not corresponding with me.

leo of los angeles, CA May 1, 2009

I re modified my mortgage in 2008. it took wamu from january 2008 to dec 2008 to complete the modification and me having to burden extra 38,000 of interest charges tack on to my sub prime mortgage. they told m 60 day from negation to close. I was not satisfied with the new modification due to an high monthly increase i received in monthly payments so i submit it again on 2/10/09 and as of yet they lost my file 2 times. i had re faxed 4 times every one has a different view as to what is going on and time frame.

now they quoit 14 day to receive 68 day from negotiator. why cant they seam to get there act together to properly file work and get it to the people they need to get it to. on thier 68 day they originally told me was yesterday and they still have not place me with a negotiator. shame on you wamu.

David of Cumming, GA May 11, 2009

Since May 2008 I have been trying to get a loan modification from Washington Mutual. I was told in January 2009 that it would take 20-60 days for an answer. It is now May 11, 2009 and I still cant get anyone to tell me the status of my loan. I am told that the Loan Officers that are handling these loans are overwhelmed and are no longer taking calls. I have called WaMu’s customer service department 17 times since April 13, 2009.

Paul of Arizona City, AZ May 8, 2009

We applied for the home modification thru WaMu. Our mortgage account, which was never late more than 10 days was transferred to collections. We have never received a call from WaMu about being between 5-10 days late. We started getting harassing phone calls from WaMu at night about being able to pay our mortgage. The first one was “I understand you have a hardship and have applied for the home modification program. Pet DepotWhen will you make your mortgage payment?” We got calls on our business number which was the number on our WaMu account from outside companies trying to solicit us to use them for the home modification program right after WaMu received the papers. When we call to get info on the status of our application, we first have to go thru collections. We are canceling our application because we fear this will affect our credit rating and we now are treated like deadbeats.

Debra of Harwich Port, MA April 24, 2009

My husband and I have been out of town for several months caring for an ailing relative. Today we received a letter from WAMU that asked if our home was vacant, and stated that, if we didn’t call their office within 8 days, they “may change our locks and board our windows”, etc. for the protection of our home. The payments are current on the property, the heat and all utilities are on at the house, AND there are three cars parked in the driveway, so we cannot imagine why they would think the house is vacant or why in heavens’ name they think they should be able to change locks on our doors! We called as soon as we received the letter which was forwarded to us from our home postal service. Though we spent more than an hour on the phone speaking with several departments, we still don’t have any answers or even know IF they did indeed change the locks! Is there no limit as to what this Mortgage Company can do within the bounds of its contract with us? Anyone know how to get this and the other numerous complaints into the Senate Finance Comittee handling the banking/ mortgage bailout fiasco??

Brenda of Erwin, NC April 21, 2009

We have our home financed thru Washington Mutual Bank. Bad Idea! They have always shown us being late. But when I lost my job they were quick to try to foreclose. We decided to try a modification to reduce our payments to keep our home. Because Fedex delivered the papers a day late the wrote and told us we were denied the modification. I had to hunt a place to move to and place a deposit.

A week later I was contacted and told they were going to try to use the paperwork they recieved but was not for sure if they could because of the date on the papers, someone would contact me. YEAH RIGHT! I called then two times a day for 60 days. I never received any returned calls, no letters, I was always transfered over to a collector who did not know what was going on. I have yet to speak to a live BANK person. And because of their delay I found out in March of this year they accepted the Modification, but they are now trying to foreclose because they said I am 2 months behind on payments after several attempts to contact them about the approval and lost out on the deposit because she held the other house for a month for us.

Now just because they did not return my calls, they want all the money they said we owe because of their neglect towards me. They should make it right. I never get to talk to a banker from the bank, its always a creditor. I have asked to talk to someone and they refuse to put me through. I have changed my phone number twice because they would call me on the hour everyday and it was always someone new.Even now they will not work with me, I am now in a decision mode. Do not finance with this bank.

Stress in my home. Since this has been occuring I am now on blood pressure medicine for high blood pressure and I have never taken medication for anything serious. We are drained out of our savings, because at one time I was paying 800.00 a month to catch up on what they said we were behind on, I have migraines almost everyday. Having to pay out to change phone numbers, and embarrassment form our postal man seeing the FORECLOSE pasted on the front of the letter of intent.Stress in my marriage.

Fern of Richmnd, CA April 20, 2009

I received a phone call from WAMU asking which modification program am I intrested in but in the mean time I also received paper work about a modification and I asked to be considered for the Obama modification that came out in April 2009. I was told by a WAMU representive not to return the paper work I have. Now I received a letter canceling my modification because I didn’t send the paperwork back. I also requested to not be contacted at work and as of 4/17/09 I am still receiving calls at work. WAMU also is holding any monies I send even if its two to three dollars short this is helping to rack up late fees.

A large amount of late fees that they are not telling me that the monies I send is not being applied toward my loan.

Robert of Detroit Lakes, MN April 18, 2009

We missed a payment with WAMU in 2007. We set up a date with them to electronically debit our account for two mortgage payments. They debited the account a day early, resulting in an NSF. They placed our property in forclosure. We entered a work out plan with them and worked with Debra Kuehle. We paid 600 a month for three months. In January of 2008, we were to contact Debra and set up new mortgage payments. At that time, we were assigned to Betty Winters, as Debra moved on to another office. Betty stated that we could begin a loan modification and would get back to us in a few days. When she didn’t call, we called her. She continually stated she was working on the pkg, or needed signatures. She sent us paperwork to fax back to her on two occasions. Both sets were lost. Betty does not return our calls.

It is now March of 2009. We haven’t made a mortgage payment to WAMU and they don’t return our calls. On March 30th, we received a Fed Ex pkg from Betty with a letter stating we needed to complete the list of items and fed ex them back to her (third pkg of the same stuff she already has). The letter gave us 10 days and Betty gave us 3 according to her pre-paid return fed-ex. We sent the pkg information and paid to send it ourselves.

Got a letter yesterday from Chase (4/17) denying our workout, because it was late and missing items (items not included in the letter or on her list). Our home is back in forclosure! Give me a break! They don’t return our calls for two years and we are late? Thank God that Genworth Financial (our PMI holder) has contacted us to assist with our workout efforts. We have sent them the same documents and the person has kept in touch via emails. Hopefully they can help us.

What has resulted is a credit rating that indicates we have been behind and in forclosure for two years. We are in fear of losing our home that we have made every effort to keep. We are stressed out and and worry that WAMU will throw another curve ball at us. How can a company ignore its clients? We don’t get it.

Jennifer of Fife Lake, MI April 18, 2009

In December 2004 I refinanced my home. I ended up with Washington Mutual (the names Long Beach Mortgage and Duetsch Bank were also in my loan papers whatever the relationships there are). Things went along fine for a few months, I had my payment set to auto pay and it was great. In the middle of 2005, my auto pay did not get taken from my account. I called WaMu and was told they had no idea what happened. I made the payment on the phone to avoid a late fee.

The next month, the same thing happened and I called again. I was told I had been cancelled from autopay because my previous month payment had failed and I had unpaid failed payment fees. I argued and refused to pay the fees, went ahead and made my regular payment via phone. I continued calling and arguing and they did finally waive the fees and set my autopay back up. The next month went fine. The month after that, I was on vacation for the week my autopay was to go out to WaMu. I returned home to find it had NOT. I was by then late on my payment.

This was September 2005. I started sending a check each month for my payments, refusing to pay the late fee. Each month I would send the check on the first in order to get it there well before due date, however WaMu would not credit my payments until after the due date. Late fees began to pile up, which I argued and refused to pay. I was being threatened with foreclosure if I did not pay these amounts. WaMu began refusing to accept my payments, stating they were under no obligation to accept a partial payment. In December of 2006, my property tax bill came out. I had ALWAYS paid my own taxes, there was no escrow agreement or payments for WaMu to do so. My bill comes in December and I would pay it in January every year with income tax refunds (taxes are due by mid February).

All of a sudden, WaMu went and PAID property taxes on my home in December, leaving me with a negative escrow balance. They began charging late fees, penalties and increased my house payment. I agreed to pay a higher house payment to cover the negative escrow but nothing else. I refused to pay late fees, penalties or continuing escrow for future tax years. They still refused to accept payment unless I paid the entire amount they claimed were due for late fees and penalties and for the escrow balance plus all the missed payments which were due to their refusal to accept the payments.

They foreclosed on my home and in March 2007 I ended filing a Chapter 13 to keep from losing my home of 20 years. The trustees office had to threaten WaMu with legal action to get from them information on my monthly payment amount and balances on the mortgage and the arrears. Three days after my Chapter 13 was filed and WaMu was notified, they auctioned my house, verified by the county sheriff’s department. My attorney said not to worry, the court would have that sale set aside. (He was a useless liability as an attorney- a whole seperate story).

Well, my home burned down last fall and we rebuilt. I used part of the contents money to pay off my Chapter 13, which was almost all WaMu (even my good accounts had to be filed and it screwed them up as well). I am waiting now to see how long it takes for WaMu to pull something with me again- I just made my first payment to them this month outside the protection of the court.

The consequences have been steep from all of this. The stress of going through all of it was terrible. The financial impact has been tremendous, with a Chapter 13 to work off on my credit now. Now the worry of what will happen with WaMu outside the protection of the courts is a daily nagging concern. I mailed my payment with Priority Mail delivery confirmation to prove delivery date. I also mailed them a letter the same day which has not been accepted. I cannot access my account online any more and I cannot get anyone to help me when I try and call WaMu.

Adrienne of Kearneysville, WV April 16, 2009

My husband and I have a mortgage through WAMU. I see now that unfortunatly we are not the only ones in the mess we are in. In Oct 07, my husband lost his job. We put out heads together and decided to try and keep our home. We have four children and stability is very important to us for their sakes. So I work overtime, and while it isn’t as much as what we were making with his income we were trudging along. Reciently we ran out of unemployment and it is getting tougher to make the payments.

We sent in our statement of hardship along with every requested document not once but twice. Apperently the address on the envelope that they sent us was incorrect so it was sent out again. We have been told on three different phone calls, three different dates of when they recieved our information and that it would take 60 days from the time the recieved it till a decision would be reached. This was told to us after telling us that they would not put us through to management, that there was no program that would help us, and management would tell us the same thing.

Apparently we are going to have to find a lawyer and show them how hard we will fight. We are thankfully only a month behind and have been able to stay that way. We need, I need help. I cannot keep up the hours I have been working trying to keep our house. I have been sick several times in the last month partially due to exaustion. Someone needs to step up and PLEASE make WAMU accountable for what they are doing to hard working home owners.

Evelyn of Sussex, NJ April 7, 2009

I am not going to exhaust any more minutes of yours or my life saying the same thing that the last several people have stated. WAMU is not helping, they say they want to and maybe they want to but they put homeowners wanting help into limbo with endless faxes and mail with short time lines and request the same information. I have fax receipts, certified mail receipts of sending the same information (Pay Subs, Hardship Letter, Statement of payments ect) and they will say they received it only to get another letter stating they need it again…… What good is the Presidents Plan when these companies still continue to do this? It seems they keep this up just to prove they put effort into this. PLEASE investigate and put an end to the run around and endless calls to people who cannot help and make them assign agents to take responsibility for these modifications so the economy can get better!

I have the same story as everyone else with the exception if I keep exhausting the energy that I have into this, I will lose my job, and what’s left of my life….

Ibrahim of Beaverton, OR April 4, 2009

I have a mortgage and an equity line of credit (ELOC) with WAMU along with a checking account since 2001. Both my mortgage and ELOC had been on auto pay. In 2008 I withdrew some more money from ELOC. Because of this change, I needed to set up another autopay. So far so good. At the local branch, I filled out a paperwork and assumed it would be done. A month later, I noticed money was not withdrawn from checking. So, I went to the local office. The same people who filled out paperwork said somehow it could not be done and I need to do it on their web site! I followed their instructions and assumed it is done again. WRONG! The next month the same problem.

I followed up with the local branch again. Aparently they have no clue on what is going on, they filled out another paperwork. In the meantime, I am getting charged with late fees and I keep paying the payments manually. So, finally the next month, auto pay worked. Couple months later, I get hit with another late payment notice and couple other threatening letters about cancellation of my account and reporting to credit companies.

Visit to the local branch: they said when J.P. Morgan bailed out WAMU, all auto pays were suspended, and they apparently sent out notices, probably in junk-mail looking envelopes. So, anybody who do not open junk mails like me would have missed that. Went to the local branch again and again to bring my account to current and avoid a credit issue. Each time, they promised to follow up and no progress was made until I went back and ask again and again. To make things even more complicated, each time a different representative is assigned to the task, so there is no contiunity. All in all, WAMU experience has been, at best, awful.

Wasted time, stress.

Brad of Bradenton, FL April 1, 2009

I just found out that my mortgage co. foreclosed on my property, and I found out due to a money hungry lawyer looking at clerk of courts documents. I was never notified by wamu. When I called they said they had try to reach me on my 4 (four) contact phone numbers. Not 1 (one) of them was mine. Now they say I owe them 4,000 and my payment I have sent will be returned, because they will no longer take any payment unless it is in full , and i must pay a reinstatement fee to their lawyers over and beyond. When I asked how they came up with the number 4,000 They said I had not made a payment since Nov. 08, wrong!!

I then said I have a statement from Jan..I was passed to 3 different people who said they had my info. and would help. The help was to try and pay the full amt. that I don’t owe and I needed to cantact their lawyers to get the amt. I owe them to be squared away with them. If I can’t pay in full I was told our new pres. has new plans to help, (If I qualify) NOT.

My neighbor has not paid his mortgage since Aug. 08 still no foreclosure, why he owes more than property, me they can make a killing on my home, I have too much equity, free money to wamu. Side note I have called their law firm 6 times all different hours, all voice mails and no return calls. This from a firm that says they are serious about fl. foreclosures, yea there’re serious about selling peoples homes.

I have high blood press. if I die over this because of stress I leave a loving wife and a wonderful 8 year old son. It just really disgust me that someone could lose their home over 1,000 and never be notified,SAD. The kicker to the whole thing is now I have to pay a lawyer to fix this crap and pay more than I owe. What a great business.

Mark of Running Springs, CA March 30, 2009

my wife has been laid off for a year and i had my hours cut. we have been working on a loan modification with wamu since nov 08 with no help from them. we are now 4 months behind and are still getting denied and the run around. we have no money for food and have been eating oatmeal. does anyone know where we can get some assistance to move out into an appartment in another state. I had perfect credit and now its ruined. this is so sad but i cant fight anymore. I just want to leave the house and move on. why drag this devistation on any longer.

dont have any choice but to walk away from my home with no money for a place to live or even eat. I obviously cant afford an attorney.

Sally of Mount Morris, MI March 27, 2009

I was layed off 08-08-2008. With the loss of over half of my pay I just keep going behind in my bill. I called wamu/chase starting in jan and i’m still fighting with them for help.thay ask me to send information 4 times now, sometimes the samething.Thay tell me everytime thats all thay need,and then want more.I’m givin 10 days to get everything to them each time or thay will drop /close my case and i’ll have to start over. thay take forever and I think thay do this in hopes that people will get tired and give up.

well i’m not asking for help for no good reson,I need help and need it now.I have never been late in 11 years or defaulted on a payment and this is how thay help me out. now i know why there is so many foreclosure, wouldn’t you think helping me out a little would be better then me giving them the house back and them losing a lot of money?? I’v also been told if i havent missed a payment thay can’t help,that i just don’t understand. why not help befor its to late. I have read other people storyes and it seem that there are alot of me’s out there that wamu/chase don’t want to help.

Right now i dont have any damage,but i’m rally upset and emotionally i’m getting really tired of dealing with all of it. I did’nt ask to be layed off, I really loved my job and wish i was still working there.I hate to ask for help, and this is why!!!!!

Regina T Lacroce of Carmel, CA March 24, 2009

I began by trying to work with the local mortgage department in Carmel CA when my exhusband divorced me and took my cash and equity. I just needed a little loan modification until I could get back on my feet. I dealt with Carolyn D in the local office. She strung me along until I asked for the new JP Morgan Chase program that was to help home owners modify their mortgage. I faxed documents to WAMU Dec 9 2008 for a loan modification. I re-faxed the same info, per Shelly’s request at WAMU on March 14th, and on March 14th in the evening I refaxed updated docs per Greg’s request.

I have asked for Doreen M to call me about my status, she is the reviewer. I am trying to avoid default by being on the offense verses defense. I have no other debt but my home loan and equity loan. I have excellent credit. All I want is to have a dialog with the reviewer, if they can’t help me they should just tell me so I can make other arrangements. I am being forced to go into default when this could have been avoided.

I am being forced to go into foreclosure, to lose my good credit rating, and I am suffering emotional stress since I am not being given the time and respect that I need to work out my problem with the bank. I am a pawn in their game, they just want to string me a long for as long as they can. They never inteded to help me. Once I go into default then I will be worth their time, but for now they are cheating the law by their bad behavior. I am being responsible and trying to work it out with the bank but they are truly unwilling to meet me unless I first go into default.

Angela of Ypsilanti, MI March 21, 2009

I had a loan modification right through my mortgage company last Sept, Washington Mutual (WAMU). I hadn’t missed or been late with payments, but I was looking at falling behind because I was spending thousands in medical care for a newly diagnosed incurable chronic illness. I thought the modification was the answer to my prayers.

I paid my payments every month, and received a letter at the end of January saying I was several payments behind. Shortly after my modification WAMU was bought by CHASE. I called WAMU, who is still handling the loan, and figured it was a simple error. They hadn’t credited one payment to my account. It is now March, I have not missed or been 30 days with a payment since I’ve owned the home for 11.5 years, but apparently my house is now going to foreclosure, because they are still not crediting my payments.

I have continued to make the payments, have called WAMU repeatedly, & no one will straighten this out. I have the documentation for the modification, monthly statements, payments deducted from my bank account, yet my house is going to be taken? I can’t afford an attorney to battle this, so I sent copies of all my documentation to 3 local news stations & ABC World News praying someone will pick up this story. I have received one back with a couple of phone numbers, and have yet to hear from the other 3.

I am too sick, too tired, and too broke to fight. If one of these news stations don’t pick this up, I have no idea what to do, other than continue my payments, and attend the foreclosure hearing, if I even know about it. Present all of my documentation to the judge and hope for the best. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, but I am sure they have a lot of complaints, & are probably not answering them because they have a D rating. I happen to be in a mortgage nightmare through no fault of my own, and can’t seem to get out of it. Stress is no good for my health condition, and I am nearing the point of walking away to save myself rather than my home

I am spending the little energy I have trying to save my home. This is detrimental to my health. I have spent money making copies of all documentation as well as postage, that I can’t afford to be spending. This is making a serious negative impact on my credit.

Carolyn of Poway, CA March 21, 2009

WA MU has foreclosed on our property 2 times when we were in negoations with their loss medigation department. I have been working with them for 12 months to get a modification agreement on 2 residences, something that should have taken 30 to 60 days at the most. One was completed finally in Oct. 2008, the other one they kept coming back with denial and asking again for update financial information. I have provided this to them 3 times along with a hardship letter, of which I really don’t think anyone reads or cares about.

I was laid off work in 2006, my husband has had 4 strokes and is on diability and unable to work. I finally started working in July 2007 full time and then in Nov. 2007, had to go part time as I work in a business that is related to the real estate market. In Jan. 2008 we started delivering newspapers to make extra and did that for about 6 months until I was hired back full time.

In Sept. 2008, they forclosed on the house we live in when we were in negotiations with their loss medigation department. The foreclosure was recinded in Oct. 2008 and then we continued with the loss medigation department. Thank goodness we had hired an attorney to work with us, as WA MU is ruthless to work with on your own. We were offered a modification in Feb. 2009 for this property, with a very high (downpayment) whatever that means in thier mind. We were offered this at 3pm PST and had to give them an answer by 5pm EST. Well we all know that is not possible considering the time difference. We notified them that we would not take the modification and were informed as well as my attorney that we could reapply in 30 days for another modification. This was also when the great Obama stimulas plan had just come out and we wanted to see what difference that would have on the situation. Well it didn’t have any!

So I called WA MU on March 19, 2009 to ask for a new modification package to get this rolling again, and was politely told that the property was sold back to the lender on March 2, 2009 and there was nothing we could do! Once again, with in the WA MU structure, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. My husband and I are not of the group that bought over our heads, this property was inherited and do to circumstances beyond our control, we have ended up where we are. We are both in our 60’s, have worked hard all our lives to be homeowners, and should not be facing this type of financial disaster that we have in front of us. This last sale was done in 5 days, no mailing, no publishing and no posting! Go figure how this lender gets away with this type of action. How can they treat their customers this way? If we all ran our businesses like they run theirs, we would not have any customers.

Hector of Hialeah, FL March 20, 2009

Washington Mutual keeps calling my mother about a mortgage in my brother’s name, they want to speak to him, they want to know who will pay the mortgage. He has been dead since July 25, 2005. He did not own a home and lived in an apartment. I can only assume that they are looking for some other HENRY. My mother only speaks Spanish and I keep telling her to have them call me but she gets nervous because someone is calling ALL THE TIME about her dead son! Can you help us?

I have tried to call the number that registers on the caller ID, but I cannot ever get to a human being, because I don’t have whatever account number they are calling about, and when I tried entering his social security number it doesn’t work because he does not have an account with them. She thinks that the address that the man keeps saying is 6190 West…. but she cannot tell us the rest (she is in tears by the time they get to the rest).

My mother has cried every single time they call. Then when she stops, she calls me and cries some more. I am getting really upset with Washington Mutal and want this to stop right this minute. What do I need to do, get an act of congress to stop this? Or get an attorney and file charges for harrassment.

Peter of Hollister, CA March 20, 2009

I purchased a home for 400.000. The proprty was listed at 569k prior to my purchasing the home. WaMu is collecting taxes based the higher amount. I have tried to get them to make the change.They refuse saying that is the amount that the county has placed on the property. I have a letter from the county showing that amount of the taxes is 5020 per year. I sent the letter to WaMU. Still no change. What can i do. I have thought about just paying the p&i and paying the taxes and ins on my own.

The amount of the monthly payment is 41% of my net income

Pamela of Mchenry, IL March 20, 2009

We have WaMu (Chase) for a mortgage company I have my payments up to date. So we thought. About 14,000 later they are still telling me I’m behind. All the money I sent was placed in a holding account that made us get late fees. I went without a statement almost half of the year last year but I sent them the regular payment. My husband got a letter saying he was 3,000 behind, so he called and talked to them to find out why the payment more than doubled. We needed to catch up or the house would be foreclosed.

They let me make partial payments to get it caught up. At the beginning of this year they suddenly would not do the partial payments and sent me a check back and said I was behind even more. I sent them a hardship letter with all the required information (they asked for on their web page) they needed over a month a go. Over the weekend they sent a payment statement saying that we are a month behind again.

Every time I call I get a different person thats rude with different stories. We talked with a HUD counselor, and he was a big help. I did everything he said to do to save our home. I don’t know what to do. I feel they are making it look like we are behind so we don’t qualify for the mortgage help, and they ruined our credit to find a new loan company. There are six of us living in this house and I used all my money to fix the mortgage so we could stay here. I have nothing to even get an apartment. We couldn’t afford it any way because my husband was recently laid off.

We are currently looking to refinance with a different company, but because of the credit issues, and WaMu pulling stunts like they did, I fear it will be almost impossible to get a decent loan

Paul of Clearlake, CA March 16, 2009

we fell behind on a payment and we asked for help we where told to send bank statement income and hardship letter we did 8-26-08 we got calls every night we told them we sent in all paperwork they inforemed us that a jennffer b was taking care of it we went on this for 4 mo we get a letter in the mail saying she will contacted us in 45 day we got the money together to caught up on are payment and still need the help we get a letter saying a payment was going up starting apirl 1 09

we called agian they are still working on it we get another letter saying we are diend because the paperwork is not current and up to date and that they changed companys and that we don’t make enough income to Qiulfly for the modifcation loan please help us we don’t want to lose are home we have two kids a 14 year old with sma type 2 getting ready for back surgery and a 2 year old with only 2 heart value and is getting ready for a heart surgery please find it in your heart to help us out not only are we stress on are kids we have to deal with wamu that don’t want to help

Norine of Waianae, HI February 24, 2009

I don’t want to lose my house. I got a forclosure notice in the mail just a few days ago. To my surprise my husband I have to pay back a 14,000 + attorney fees? Why cuz I lost my low paying full time job! We were only on 1 income. My husband did the part of the paperwork like they suggested, so we mailed in their paperwork…guess what they LOST IT. so now we didn’t know what was going on until now? We sent in the papers in December. Now WaMu says we will contact you within in 30-40 days.  thats too late, we would lose our house by then.

Oh, well I guess we’d have to keep calling WaMu everyday and hound on them to take action. I am not going to lose my house, not in Hawaii. I got a new job, just temp, but it’s part time. By now we are trying to see how we can come up with 14,000 in a few months….unreal! We are making calls and contact anybody else we know that can help us reduce the amount, modify the mortage, cuz the amount kept going up and up and up and soon, it was getting out of hand each month. We scrimped and tried to save, but living in Hawaii is expensive and at times it was hard. I’m just scared of what will happen with our mortage? I guess we’ll prabably be homeless and become another stastistic..all because of WaMu. They spent on those commercials.

I am so worried and haven’t told people in my family on what’s going on. Im ashamed to tell them. no one in my family has lost their home..ever! So, we get penailized just because I lost my job in September, and we knew we’d be late on the payments. But, we thought it was taken care of when we called WaMu. We had confidence that WaMu took care of things, but I guess we were wrong now they are sticking us with a forclosure.

JP Morgan has a attorney in Hawaii, so now they are not kept in the loop of things and they knew nothing about what WaMu was doing. So,I called the attorney’s office and gave them some news and they are now aware that we are trying to make progress and sense of this whole mess. Is it our fault we live in Hawaii that we don’t have a local office here. I tell you the next company we deal with will have a Hawaii office to help us deal with this and that we can meet people eye to eye. makes me so mad.

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Thomas D. Avazian of Miami, FL February 18, 2009

Amount of mortgage loan was changed/adjusted upwards by approximately 100.000 per month in January 2009. I have the set amount of approximately 1,500 programmed into my bank’s computer and sent the payment as usual in mid-January before the due date. They put this money in a suspense account, did not apply the payment, never advised me and reported me 30 days late to the 3 credit bureau’s in February. I fullfilled all money due at the new higher payment amount plus all late fees in February yet they claim they will not retract the report of late payment to the credit bureau.

My credit score declined by over 80 points and it will take up to a year to get this off my record and I am in the market for a new home, this is putting me in very difficult situation, all for a measly 100.00, I have many obligations but have never been late nor defaulted on any loan and I find their action wholly unjustified in the current market and I would like them to retract their action with the credit bureau.

Paul D Steinberg of Babylon, NY February 7, 2009

Mortgage for home with Washington Mutual. Have been trying for over two months to remedy problems concerning payment. Mortgages payhments have been made from two accounts: Business account with Chase (WAMU’s Parent Company) and one other personal account. WAMU claims they did not receive certain payments. At WAMUS request faxes were sent to WAMU for them to investigate.Additional fax (same as original) were sent by the branch manager at Chase to WAMU requesting answers. Included in each fax was documentary proof from my bank accounts that in fact the money for the mortgage was sent AND each bank provided documentation that the funds were received by WAMU.

In spite of WAMU claiming they have opened investigations via their moneyh tracking division, no answer has been forthcoming except they are working on it. I have reqested several times thaWEAMU fax a letter to me indicating the account was current. This was needed as we are renewing auto leases and in today’s times they auto supplier (Saab and Lincoln)insist upon such a statement).

Credit affected as auto lease firms have not recieved statment from WAM as requested. Saab the supplier of my wife’s vehicle is requesting the car be returned. Both require a car for business. The situation has taken hours trying to get response from WAMU, severe stress on both myself and my wife requiring medical attention and medication.

Lonelyss of Northridge, CA February 6, 2009

I have been working wiht this ban for 2 months to reduce my interest rate. Stop my negative ameritization. Today the incerased my interest rate to 6.875 3950.00 The vaule in my house has dropped. I tried to sell got a qulaitfied buyer for 629,000.00 but had a 16,000.00 pre-paryment penalty and they would not accept my offer of 11,000.00 of the pre-payment. I have always been on time never late with my payments. I was told I make too much money to refinance or reduce my rate.

I can not instantly change my payments form 2690.00 to 3950.00 per month. I am planning to walk away from my home. I simply can not do this any more.

Amanda of Boise, ID February 3, 2009

I have had a mortgage with WaMu for fifteen years. My mother became terminally ill with brain cancer and I dropped out of college to care for her in her last months. I also was not working at this time. I became 3 months behind on my mortgage payments. I called WaMu to make a 2,100 dollar payment and get completely caught up with my mortgage. They refused to accept it. They stated that 2 days prior to my call, they had put my house in foreclosure and I needed to pay over 5,100 to keep it. That included the 2,100 I was behind and attorney’s fees for an additional 3,000. I was never notified of the foreclosure or anything. The only reason I had heard of this was because I called to make a payment.

I cannot afford to make a 5,000 payment to WaMu. I had scraped the originial 2,000 together from student loans. I have found a new job and re-enrolled for my last year of college, but I’m only making 7.15/hr. I’m a single parent with 3 children, working and trying to finish my degree. Is there ANY way I can just make my house payments? I’ll lose my house if I can’t. Is it right for them to charge me excessive attorney fees when the lawyers really haven’t done anything that I know of? I haven’t been served, no paperwork has been sent to me. Nothing. No notice of possible foreclosure, I hadn’t received anything from an attorney or from WaMu/Chase. I cannot afford to lose my home.

Nicole M Beck of Milwaukie, OR January 31, 2009

I am a mortgage loan officer & due to a sporatic year with all the changes had multiple months with no commission & fell behind on my mortgage w/ Wamu, this mortgage was a Long Beach Mtg opened 8/2006 @ a Predetory lending rate of 9.20%, I sent in all of the required info to request a modification in Oct of 2008, @ 90 days behind on my payments.

Received a packet in the mail randomly (no calls, nobody from Wamu reached out to discuss the terms) January 8th containing my approved modification docs lowering my rate to 6.55, ONLY IF I SEND IN A REQUIRED CASHIERS CHECK BY JANUARY 16TH IN THE AMOUNT OF 2500 TO COVER (And I quote) This amount includes charges for the modification fee and necesary advances including but not limited to recording fees, attorney fees and costs, returned check fees and late charge fees, if any. Additional sums may become due as a result of the timing of this letter and Agreement. Nothing in this letter precludes our collections of additional advances. AND A pmt of the new mortgage amount of 1,598.75 before Feb 1st. SO, they want over 4,000 from me to modify my mortgage to terms that are still not affordable & are setting me up to fail once again.

This Agreement was sent to me DIRECTLY from Wamu, I did NOT use an intermediary party to request the loan modification. Also, escrows were not added, despite the fact that I am currently 2 yrs behind on property taxes as indicated in the FULL financials sent in when the mod was requested. I also was being asked for my 1st payment to be Feb 1st 2009, this date was never discussed with me nor agreed upon & agreeing to a pmt due on that date was IMPOSSIBLE, as I do not have commissions (income) coming in until the end of February.

Thus this agreement was not only IMPOSSIBE, If I had 2500, I would have PAID MY MORTGAGE. But also is setting me up for yet another failure both with the lack of escrows included AND the timing of the 1st payment due on the agreement. A VM was left for the negotiator on 1/14, (2 days prior to the deadline to send in the signed paperwork) explaining in detail the above. NO RETURN CALL EVER RECEIVED. Today is now 1/30, Monday I will be another 30 days behind, now at 5 months, sent in my request in early October 2008, & am being asked for an exuberant amount of modification fees from MY lender?

My understanding was that if I went DIRECTLY to my lender / servicer they were not able to charge these fees for loan modifications. This is why I went to them dorect rather than going through one of the attornies/ companies offering the service. I do not have this to PAY to have this completed, again, if I did I would have paid my mortgage payment.

I am now 5 months late on my mortgage, fees continue to accrue & collection calls were NON stop (until my home phone was shut off) My family does not have for food, due to lack of commissions & an unemployed husband, being required to pay 2500 + a 1st pmt at the new terms of 1598.75 all within 2 weeks to get my mortgage that was a predatory loan to begin with lowered to an affordble rate /pmt should not cost me 4K to do.

Again, if I had 4,000 just lying around OR was able to borrow this as the rep on the phone told me to. I would not be in this predicament to begin with as I would have PAID MY MORTGAGE. I Have all the documentation to support this claim, as I was not able to sign the modification paperwork & send it due to not having this Wamu required from me to secure this modification

Harriette B. Ware of Carson, CA January 31, 2009

This month, 3 payments were taken out. Her comment Why are you just inquiring now, you have been with us for 10 years and never inquired before. Well, I was charged 99 in fees because the third payment was not in the account after paying two payments and frankly, I do not remember 3 payments being taken out of my account ever. It was not until I looked at statements again and was able to see a cycle showing 3 payments required. Any case, this woman did not have the right to respond to me in that manner.

Probably, nothing will happen with this complaint, but there needs to be some training for workers on customer service. The young gentleman at the desk was very helpful and sensitive, but the woman in the mortgage dept., she had to be one who answers phone inquiries was wrong. From the location above, the mortgage dept. was contacted.

Diana of Wesley Chapel, FL January 29, 2009

WAMU is requiring us to increase our flood insurance to match our home owners insurance coverage on a heloc loan on a home where they also hold the first mortgage. The home is and has been continually insured for more than the loan balance. They also force placed flood insurance, apparently mixing up our file with another customer with the same name. They eventually cancelled but have not refunded the premium which came directly from the heloc account. We have discussed this matter with many representatives of Washington . They say they will straighten this out but they just send another letter restating their position, stating it is their policy, a policy which does not appear in any documents we signed when we took out the loan. Our loan is current.

The insurance increase premium is about 100. My husband suffers from hypertension and is visibly shaken when he has to talk to the customer service personnel who are unable to help us. I fear for his health.

Joan of Piscataway, NJ January 28, 2009

I went through a divorce in 2000. I kept the marital home. It had a 146,000 mortgage on it, with my ex as the primary borower, and me as the co-signer.. I dont’ work and still don’t. He signed the title to the home over to me. That is in my name alone. The mortgage was bought by Washington Mutual and his name and mine were both on the mortgage for quite awhile after the divorce. And, the mortgage loan number was the same as the one assigned to us when we first got this loan from another institution.

Suddenly one day I notice that I have a new loan number and that his name is not on the statements anymore.. Just mine. I never did a quit claim or refinanced the mortgage. I called them after noticing this and spoke to a woman. She said this was done awhile ago and she had no idea when or why I was assigned a new loan number! I gave up.. Since then, they sold my mortgage to Wells Fargo. I don’t talk to my ex husband and now I’m wondering how he managed to get his name off this mortgage! I kept the loan which is at 6 3/4% since I did not want to be totally reponsible for repaying if I were to run out of money. I could have refinanced at a lower rate if I had only been notified of this! I am still trying to get WAMU to give me the hows and whys of what took place! I am so angry that I was not even notified! And why the new loan number? What’s up with that??

I still have a 6 3/4% interest rate and I don’t even know if I will be able to refinance since I have no job and no alimony coming in. I’m 62 and live off a small pension and now SS which is only a bit over 700 a mo.

Patricia of Detroit, Michigan, MI January 28, 2009

In March of 2008, Ms. McKissick contacted me by phone and asked if a loan modification would help. At the time, I had an adjustible rate mortgage with a payment of 1114.20 a month. It is important to note, the rate had not adjusted. She stated, while the loan is being modified, you do not have to worry about making payments, I accepted. A few weeks later, the Loan Modification papers arrived. I was instructed to sign and send a money order in the amount of 95.00. When the papers were returned, they showed a payment of 707.09 as of May 1, 2008. Apparently, the time it took to modify the loan, WAMU took upon themselves to report my payments as being late.

I have lived in my home for 23 years. I have mortgage it several times. I have never been late or missed a payment since I have owned a home. I am sick and tired of loan agencies being allowed to take pen and ink to paper and ruin the lives of families. The incorrect information which appears on my credit report is preventing me from getting rid of this ill-fated loan. The agency that initially set this loan up,the State of Michigan have shut them down. I am now sueing the company and according to my attorney, whoever purchased the loan, purchased everything that comes with it. In my opinion, WAMU should be taken to task for the hardships they have brought upon families. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit, please forward the information tto me.

I applied for a VA Loan and I was ask to have Ms. McKissick to write a statement concerning her comments about the mortgage not needing to be paid during the modification process. I contacted WAMU to address the issue, however, Ms. McKissick is no longer employed there and they have no clue of where she is. I am a 65 year-old widow. I am not able to go through these stressful situations. I have documents to prove all allegations.

Shawna Crayton Renando of Monroe, WA January 26, 2009

I recently sold my home and I cant believe all the fees added to my closing and payoff balance. I was sad to sell my home, but extremely excited to get out from under Washington Mutual Home Loans. I have been going back in forth for years about outrageous fees [they] charge customers. When I went online to see who else I wasnt shocked to see hundreds of people have had the same problems. [They] state that I havent paid my mortgage since October. I have check numbers and days [they] cashed my checks in November and December. [They] state my property taxes werent paid, so put that on my closing. When paid those out of escrow in October [they] tacked on hundreds of dollars of late fees. When I pay my mortgage late, I always add on my late fee. So how is that possible?

When I have have called WAMU mortgage I dont get the same person twice. There are no contact people who you can talk to. Chances are when you call back, there is nobody by that name. I paid my late fees and my back payments in March of 2008 in the amount around 5,000.00 to bring my loan current. It only took [them] a month to start holding my checks again. Every time I made a payment [they] held it up until a week after it being officially late (the 15th). Then slammed me with a late fee. Which then I added that fee to my next payment. .

As far as the Escrow, I would have a positive amount if [they] actually did what [they] were suppose to do when I refinanced my loan. That was to have my property taxes taken out of my payment. Of coarse that didnt happen. I would like an explanation on all of these charges: Recoverable Balance of 580.00, Other Outstanding fees of 10.65, Payoff statement fee of 30.00, Reconveyance Fee of 45.00, late charges of 319.22, Interest to 1/23/09 of 4,095.54, Escrow/Impound Overdraft fee of 1,817.77. And why are you charging an interest of the payoff of 216.96?

Are all these fees [their] way of ripping off the customer. I want refunds on the payments [they] said I never made. Refunds on all these Misc fees [they] are asking for.

Michelle L. of Portland, OR January 25, 2009

Washington Mutual hold the mortgage to my home my husband and I recently fell into some hardtimes due to economic conditions he lost his job and also had medical prblems are income was impacted significantly. I contacted WAMU to inform them that I could not afford to make the 2mos that I was behind in my mortgage they offered me a modification in which they stated that they could put my past due payments on the back end of my loan.

I paid 1800 in processing fees for the modification only to find out just recently that they never modified my loan, I continued to make payments as I could and communicated with WAMU reps who had no idea what they are doing. I recently asked for another modification because the rep assured me that it would possibly save my home I submitted paperwork in 11/08 its now Jan 2009 and they keep telling me the same old thing their still processing my paperwork in the mean time we have received a forclosure notice and are planning to vacate these people won’t give you a straight answer they just want you to continue sending them with the intentions of taking your home. Wamu is scamming decent hard working people and there is no one to hold them accountable!

Kirstin of Port Orchard, WA January 22, 2009

Somehow, WAMU cancelled an auto-pay that has been in existence monthly, since 1991. I did not catch the problem until several months later when they posted FORECLOSURE notices on each door of our 4-plex. There was never a phone call, never a certified letter of notice, nothing except a letter amongst all their solicitations for their credit card–which I never open. (I have REPEATEDLY asked to be remove from their junk mail list–one must enter the bank and sign off on it.) Is that LEGAL? I’m handicapped–I seldom get out of my car.

At any rate, once I discovered the payment problem, I immediately covered the original oversight. However, WAMU returned the check because the late fees were not paid–THEY CALCULATED THE WRONG LATE FEES–but failed to notify me of the corrected amount. I could go on and on–they eventually notified me of the FORECLOSURE SALE DATE–inspite of the fact that I was then current. WAMU is spread out all over the country, each location serving a different function. No one knows what another department is doing since the employees really cannot contact the managers needed to track down problems.

WAMU thus far insists I pay all the attorney fees, foreclosure fees, recording fees and all that they did to begin the foreclosure process. I was compliant from the very beginning. There was ALWAYS several thousand dollars in the account from which the mortgage SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEDUCTED. WAMU has never been able to give me the reason the payment stopped–other than the computer occassionally kicks out a loan payment. In this instance the foreclosure process was started on a property that had already been paid off 80%.

Karen of Kennesaw, GA January 15, 2009

I sent two month’s mortgage payment to WaMu. Instead of putting towards the two months it was intended for, they put in on other aspects of the loan. As a result, I keep getting calls concerning being late on payment. Although I have been assured corrections to my account is being made, I continue to get calls and certified letter.

Extreme emotional damage!

Kathleen of Oakdale, CA January 9, 2009

i purchased a lot with 2 houses, one of which i found out is illegal. i feel it’s appraisal error that wamu chose to loan money on. the septic also shouldn’t have passed escrow. county is requesting one house be converted back to a garage and septic fixed.

meanwhile i only have one house left on a huge loan. both wamu and i were cheated. i want wamu to lower the principal to a rate i might have paid for one house since that’s all i have. they denied my application for modification and didn’t really say why. like i said we are both victims in a way but i don’t have deep pockets and am not able to pay for what i did not get.

Kurt of Land O Lakes, FL January 6, 2009

WAMU has refused to aknowledge my flood insurance, which has been adequate for over 2 years, and remains adequate even with their new higher coverage equirements. I have faxed the dec. page to them twice and my agent has faxed it to them twice. today, I received my statement, 2 weeks prior to the autodraft and WAMU is going to charge me 350.62/month for forced placed insurance. 3506 for the year: TEN times what I paid AAA for my current flood insurance.

The WAMU loan is an equity line. The main mortgage is also with WAMU and there is no mention of any problem with flood insurance on the first mortgage statement, only withe the WAMU equity line. Both loans are listed on the policy declarations page. I believe WAMU attempted to stick this flood insurance on the LOC becauuse it is a variable rate and would probably just blend in, since the payment varies each month. Ironically the payment is only 160 per month, which is why I noticed the 350 add on right away. Anyone with a higher monthy payment may not notice the extra charge, or may just assume the rate went up.

Tammy of Green, OH January 6, 2009

I sent in modification papers towards the end of September 2008. I called several times in October and they had received the paperwork October 1st. I called back in November and our file had been assigned to a negotiator the first part of November. I had my husband call today Jan. 5, 2009 and they told him the file was just assigned to a negotiator Dec 18, 2008!

I called them back and talked to Kimberly and explained the situation and because there wasn’t any notes in their system, which I know there were because everytime I spoke with someone they said they were putting notes in the system and I could hear them typing. I told her again that our file was assigned to a negotiator and how would I know that they were called a negotiator if I hadn’t been told that our file was assigned to a negotiator. She continued to repeat that there wasn’t any notes and our file had been assigned in December! Finally I told her I hadn’t made Novembers payment and Decembers payment and I’m not making Janurary or Feburary payments until I hear back from them about the modification.

In my case, I don’t care what the outcome is because I will just file bankruptcy and in 2 – 3 years buy another house when the housing market is good again. I’m not thrilled about having a 1700 house payment for a 800 / month house. I work hard every day as does my husband and we deserve to own our home but it’s not going to be like the way that WaMu wants it. I don’t want to pack my family and my belongings up and move and start over that’s the last thing that anybody wants to do so I am giving WaMu 2 more weeks to let me know their answer before I do pack up.

So I got nowhere with WaMu and she said that I should hear from them by Monday the 12th and I guess I will have to wait and see what they have to say. You would think they would want to work with homeowners by lowering their payments – they still get their money and the homeowners have money to pay their debts and maybe spend a little to boost this economy. I guess WaMu / Chase wants to own all of their houses and then go out of business like the rest of the banks that have failed because they won’t have any cash flow when the right number of homeowners walk away from their homes!

There is so much stress because of this mortgage crisis. We have 4 kids and all of our other debt it’s just crazy! It keeps my husband I on edge every day all day long and it’s hard to enjoy life or your home when you don’t know what to expect every time the phone rings or with every knock on the door. WaMu – have a heart and do your part to keep hard working americans in their homes that they deserve!!

Sandra of Cambridge, MA December 30, 2008

Washington Mutual bought my mortgage from my original lender five years ago. For the past 5 years, I have been mailing my mortgage payment to WAMU around the 9th of the month. Although the official due date is on the first of the month, because of the pay schedule of my employer, I can’t mail the check until a week into the month. Well, I could send it earlier, but it may bounce if WAMU received it too early and cashed it immediately.

For five years this has worked fine. But in the past three months, I have been charged for two late payments. They have been sitting on the incoming check and not cashing it until one day after the grace period (which ends on the 16th each month.) I would love to know if anyone else has noticed this pattern recently, where they just happen to receive your check on exactly the 17th day of each month? If there is a pattern of this happening, I think a class action lawsuit is called for!

Jerry L Ellsworth of Manteca, CA December 28, 2008

In september I wrote wamu stating that I was not going to be able to make oct. or nov. payment. They responded that ther was nothing thay could do. get this,becouse I was currant! OK I know how to fix that. due to changes at work and some high vet and doctor bills / five doller a gallon gas plus I had to pay back a personal loan to a relitive before the end of the year I havent made a payment in three months and january doesn’t look good.

I get calls from wamu everyday from different locations. the left hand doesn’t know what the rihgt hand is doing. all the phone people just ask the some questions but have no answers. I owe twice as much as my house is worth 09 is going to tank even worse, I can’t wait 15 years to break even. I can rent a house like mine for half what wamu wants/if im not building any equity aren’t i just renting. Ican save about 17000.oo a year renting some where else. wamu can’t scare me with threats. Iwish that they would make me an offer to modify just cuz I’d hate to pack all this stuff/but to get out of this mess and save 15,000 a year yea i’ll move

Tom of Bensenville, IL December 26, 2008

I will tell you this I started my longer journey to get a better mortgage rate approx 18 months ago and i went into their branch offices and inquired.I was told that there is nothing they can do for me.Maybe sometime in the futre.I do have 2 loans for the house I live in,both are fixed but at high rates.I have heard that as long as you make your payments on time and you are consistant in this manner you will never qualify for a revision in the rate you pay.I totaly belive that.You have to become a bad guy you have to start to skip perhaps 2 payments before you get their attention.There are numerous firms that charge a fee and state they will do the talking to the bank for you,I have heard that there are companys that help consumers and do not charge for assisting in communicating with the bank.I would like to know who they are.

The struggle goes on to make the payments.

Coletta of Ventura, CA December 23, 2008

I got two late notices today from my home mortgage bank which I pay via WAMU online banking. Both payments show that they were sent on time AND my balance reflects that both payments were cleared. I called WAMU customer service to get the date that both checks were cashed so I can give that information to my mortgage company. I have NEVER made a late payment and I DO NOT want screwing up my credit.

Well, the customer service reps says that even though my balance shows that the checks have cleared..they really haven’t. I am told they will have to look into this to see why it is deducted from my account, where the checks really are, etc, and that they will pay the late fees. I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE LATE FEES. I want to know 100% that you make sure my credit score is not screwed up AND I want to know why you show the checks as cashed when they really aren’t. I am FURIOUS!

We just put an offer in on a house and both have credit scores in the HIGH 700’s. Late payments on a mortgage will not only mess up our credit score but will cause major issues with the bank we just got approved on a new house for.

Jay of Stafford, TX December 12, 2008

Where do I begin…it’s been frustrating dealing with WAMU reps. My home was going under foreclosure and I was considering filing for bankruptcy. You would of thought, from what everybody says that banks are not in the business of inventoring homes. When an opportunity to modify your home loan is offered to you, who in there right mind would pass that up. So the process begins, supposidly. Zee was the contact person for the modification in the lost mitigation department for Wamu. According to specific instructions given to FAX all documents which included a cashiers check , bank statements , payroll stubs …. and so on. Everything that was needed was sent. Call after call after call. Rep after Rep after Rep. Everyone and their grandma involved in passing the message that Zee would call me back. His mailbox was always full. A dozen reps. reading my file telling me that the sale of the house was postponed. Again call after call. No one to get a confirmed answer. Tried to get hard copy of modification via email or even a reference number, still nothing. Day after day.

So here I am today. While the waiting game continued. A month went by and behind the scenes under my nose, my house was being sold. Notice on the door of foreclosure. Notice on the door of eviction. Who’s responsible? WAMU? Chase? JP Morgan? Do they even care? Do people working for these companies have accountability? Bail money for this, bail money for that. I did’nt even ask for bail money, it was just a simple modification. I would have even accepted a higher rate. Good thing that the new owner was not looking to move in, but was an investor, and gave us 2 months to relocate. I beleive that some how, some day, justice will be served. Today I’ll rejoice and thank GOD that I’ve got family.

Stan of Newport Beach, CA December 12, 2008

We tried to get the payoff on our mortgage which we have through you, via the internet and your computer and the computer told us we would be charged 30.00 for that info.That is not very good customer relations. We have had a bank account with you for several years and it is hard to understand why you would do this. Please call on the phone and we can discuss this. Thank you,

Paul of Charlottesville, VA December 11, 2008

I was given permission to do a short sale on my home which I was three Months behind in payments. My real estate company sold the house we closed on April 7th 2008 through Stewart title company of Staunton VA. Washington mutual reported it as a foreclosure to the credit reporting agenesis I have tried to get this solved but they refuse to call me back or answer me in any forum.

My credit now has gone down the toilet the other companies I do business with have raised my interest rate do to this.

Kim of Apple Valley, CA December 11, 2008

No one will call me back and they keep saying they lost paper work and re fax it. I really thought they would help, but I guess not. Now I realize if I wait any longer I will be out of money and they are stringing me along. Im to the point of a short sell and a deed in lieu. But It looks like they wont even do that. My escow is out of this world. Im sunk.

So someone is documenting our calls. Theres no hope for us with wamu.Once again the goverment screwed us with our tax money and the rich get richer. I will have lost my house in the next 2 months. I am out of money and wamu wont call me back. Im to tired and stressed out on waiting. every time i call they hang up on me and no one seems to know anything and why am I talking to people in another country. Its very stress full and I cry all the time.

Amy of Plover, WI December 8, 2008

We have a mortgage with WAMU. Up until we filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy we were fine. My father, my husband and I are all on the mortgage. When we filed the bankruptcy I received a letter that said we were to mail our mortgage payment directly to WAMU. I did that in September, received the payment back in the mail. Called my attorney and they did nothing. Called in for the October payment and they said they would not discuss my account, I had to contact their attorney. November came, sent the payment they sent it back again. Called my attorney. Two days later I received a certified letter telling me that we defaulted on the bankruptcy mortgage related rules and they were now asking the bankruptcy courts to take our mortgage off the stay so they can foreclose upon the property.

The attornies filed and appeal which will be heard in December. In the meantime WAMU hired a private company to cut out the lock on our front door, secure the house and put a new lock on the door. We came home last night and couldn’t get into our home. I called the company they hired and they said they did it by order of WAMU. I am at my wits end. Why would the attornies not even get a letter stating they were going to secure the home. It makes no sense to me.

Washington gave all this money to WAMU because of their bad debt and they are still in business. We are the ones paying for this and yet we are the ones who suffer. What would WAMU have done if the government changed the locks on the CEO’s office doors? I have asked and asked for them to help lower our payment and all I get is print the forms off the internet, fax them in and wait. How long is a person to wait. I need some help and am hoping if a ban of people come together we can beat them at their game.

Maria of Menlo Park, CA December 5, 2008

We try to do a loan modification and we ask WaMu in a very kind way to help us to modify or just wait for us because we were buhind 4 months and we sent a payment to them…but I guess my home was target by the assets group that sharks! my house was in Belmont Ca 14 years old we live there for 8 years! we had a balance of 624K and we had a bad time because my husband was very ill and i was taking care of him with not enough funds to cover the months we were behing instead i try to pay the taxes (very silly from our side) because at the four moth I received a notice of default)in January 2008-by February 13, 2008. I got a man at my door he said he wants to get my house- I did not believed that it happen-I had too many things on my head.

The WaMu sold my house to the shark Raymond and he did not allow me to pay and had my house back-he re-saled for almost double the amount we own to the bank this sharksold my house for 1.2m he just plan with the bank to get from me to 629K it was my balance with the bank WAMU. all my savings and equity that I had inmmy home..was took by this broker Raymond with his company Founders in San Francisco….he had been doing a lot of fraudes and scams with people in bad situation like us.

Janina of Zion, IL December 1, 2008

For the past two years, I have been paying the mortgage on my deceased mother’s house. I cannot change the mortgage into my name because the property is in probate. WAMU put forced insurance on the house because my name is not on the mortgage (but it is on the insurance policy and has been for years). Even after faxing several death certificates and papers verifying that I am the executor of the estate.

One month later, I’m still having difficulties getting someone to discuss anything with me. First, I was told that I faxed the papers to the wrong number (which they gave me), then I spoke with at least 12 people afterwards who told me there were no notes in the computer authorizing them to speak with me. In the meantime, WAMU increased my mortgage 100 and told me they had sent a letter stating I had a 701 shortage in my escrow account. I never received the letter. Now I don’t have the option of breaking down the amount I’m short to decrease my monthly payments. They want the 701 in full.

Leslie of Lake Placid, FL December 1, 2008

Well, I ran into some financial troublw about one year ago. I called Washington Mutaul about my mortgage and I told them about my situation and ask them what to do. I was told to fill out a hardship letter and follow the procedure and I would be notified of wheather or not I was approved.. Well, I got letters stating that they did not recieve my documentation I needed to resend it. I sent all documentation at least six times or more. I kept getting the same result. I called several times got the same thing, we need documentation.

All I wanted them to do was to please lower my interest rate so that I could afford my home. I told them that I was hoping my situation would just be temporary. They gave me the answer of we have to review all documentation.. I was so frustrated the same answer over and over. I finally called after about three months of being behind and ask if I could pay half now and the other half in two weeks. I was told NO that my late fees would be taken out and they need the whole payment. I was left with no other choice but to file bankrupcy. Before I did that I tried to get help noone would help me. Sll the answers I got was sorry your debt ratio is higher than your income.

The new bill the President Bush signed to help people in this situation I called them was told the same thing, sorry sell your house, short sell it. I then hired and attorney to help me save my house that right now I am going to lose because I just can’t make it without help. I am at my wits end here trying to save my house and noone will help.

I am going to lose my house. All I wanted was for someone to help me. I got nothing!

Royan of Lakew View Terrace, CA November 26, 2008

This time WaMu phoned to tell me no mortgage payment had been made. I paid a second monthly payment. WaMu will not allow contaact with a person to straighten out their error. The computer disconnects each time I follow instructions to provide my SS #. If I provide the loan #, the computer also hangs up. If I try to find a human, using the key pad, the phone hangs up. WaMu has an extra 3600 of my money and now has sent me a statement saying that a payment is due on Dec. 1. I can’t contact ANYONE!

I am a generally calm person presently so angry that I might swear at anyone now answering the phone. I cannot devote my business day to companies that don’t tend their phones.

Anish of Scotch Plains, NJ November 14, 2008

They charge me for my home insurance without notifying me. My home insurance premium went up from 1000 to 6643 per year. This was without my approval. I also called WaMU and they told me that they charged me for two years and are not willing to negotiate.

My mortage amount went up by 2000 to 4000. I cann’t afford this. I may have to go bankcrupt if they don’t adjust my payment. Also, now they want to charge late penalty. Need some help to resolve this.

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