Capital One: Expertise in Entrapment of the Poor

As soon as Capital One sniffs out financial difficulties, the start sending out credit card applications. If you ignore them, they disguise them in different shape envelopes. Some are designed to look so official, so mysterious — nothing but a very official return address — one becomes fearful of not opening it…  This company has mastered the art of coercing poor people into using their card to spend more than they can afford. Then this company goes into high gear with the most mosquito-like collection system in the world.

Even if a Capital One debt is found in court to be invalid or ilegal, Capital One sells their illegal accounts receivable for pennies on the dollar to collection agency scum that harasses good — albeit poor — people illegally for years to come!

All we can hope for is justice in the afterlife. Because if you stomp on that kind of stuff in this life, it makes your shoes stink!

It’s not OK to abuse people, but it seems that if your poor enough, your not considered “people” in this world:(

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