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Foreclosure Victims’ Stories

Real Sories from foreclosure victims

New Foreclosure Laws and Legislation California:

Foreclosure related suicides

Suicides related to foreclosures? Banks aren’t worth it! Stick around. Stick together and give them hell!

HAMP Permanent loan modifications: Where there’s a will, there’s a way

JP Morgan Chase Converts 1.46% of their HAMP Trial Loan Modifications into Permanent Modifications. Other motivated banks have a 83% success rate. What’s really going on?

Good Samaritans Help Cancer Survivor Avoid Foreclosure at 11th Hour

A home foreclosure nightmare has become a dream come true for a father of three who had to battle what he says was an unbending finance company in addition to stage 4 kidney cancer. Forty-year-old Angelo Kontarinis of Exeter, N.H., an adjunct professor at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, was diagnosed with kidney cancer […]

Loan Modifications and Arizona Oceanfront Homes: Chase

Hitler would have never been able to victimize so many people without recruiting the help of armies of willing accomplices. And my theory is that 99% of those soldiers implementing Hitler’s horrific plan under his command would never have remained any part of the holocaust had they the big picture playing in HD to watch […]