Zombie Homes and Zombie Houses

Zombie Homes and Zombie Houses

The banks these homeowners who were foreclosed upon

The banks need to work with the homeowners towards a win/win answer!

Many people look at Zombie Homes or Zombie Houses and only think of the problems they can cause for neighbors and local police. There is no doubt that empty, abandoned homes can present numerous problems and potential dangers. Break-ins frequently occur and the unwanted new residents are often drug addicts and criminals and certainly are capable of causing fires, explosions and bringing crime into the neighborhood. And utilities that are not shut off properly can cause gas leaks and electrical fires. But few people understand the wonderful people and families that were chased away from the dream home with letters stating that in a short time their family home will be sold out from under them at auction. Would you continue to live in a home knowing that any day the sheriff  may come and put you, your children and your belongings out on the street, or would you protect your family by taking them to an affordable apartment as you reluctantly give up on the biggest investment of your life!

Many foreclosure victims forced from their homes in the period of time following 2008 were wonderful, hard working heads of families. Some were extremely successful and just hit hard by the severe economic downturn. And many were illegally removed from their homes and victimized by lies and broken promises by the large banks and their subcontractors.

We all want these problems to go away, but we also want the families who have been illegally removed from their homes to be awarded financial restitution for the crimes committed against them! They shouldn’t be threatened by collection agents, nor should they be expected to pay interest on loans that the had no reason to believe were continuing to accrue!

Very often, the actions that the banks took illegally left families with no choice but to find a place for their children to live. Many were promised loan modifications. Told that they had a way to keep their home. And then, without warning, the bank sent unprofessional hired guns to lock the families out of their own homes. When a bank puts lock boxes on a families home, it’s difficult  to tuck the kiddies in and kiss them goodnight. Then, to make settlements, reconciliations, and long term plans absolutely impossible, the accounts were transferred into the hands of ruthless and relentless contracted collection agents who know absolutely nothing about what actually transpired with these homeowners!

In many cases, these victimized home owners were experiencing both unexpected high interest payments and a wounded economy and are now very, very capable and willing to live in their home and make payments, especially if the terms are considerate of all parties concerned. No one would be more motivated to take care of these homes, then the families that originally bough them. And an intelligently conceived loan modification with BOTH parties interests in mind would be the most cost effective solution for the borrowers and the banks. But borrowers need someone with the authority and sincere interest in true and fair resolutions to communicate with!

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