Mission Statement:
1. To empower the victims of foreclosure through unity.
2. To give foreclosure victims a venue and a strong voice.
3. To illustrate and document the crimes being committed against these unfortunate families and provide a chronology to document patterns in practice that are imorally and illegally but commonly employed by lenders and their subcontractors
4. To give legislators a tool to evaluate the need for legal reforms
5. To provide a measuring device to see if, in fact, programs designed to help homeowners avoid foreclosure are helping actually homeowners
6. To provide insight into what can be done to help
7. To keep hard working, ethical American families in their homes

Read him his rights Sergeant Friday: “You have a right to an attorney…” Not if you are being thrown out of your home. Not if you are a hard working family whose lifetime retirement investment is in your house. Not if you have kids you need a place to live. Not if, after you are foreclosed out on the street no one will rent to your family because of a “foreclosure” on your credit report and your innocent children will be on the street. Even though the cost of caring for a formerly professional family of 4 who are cast out to the street is much higher than the (No dugh!) possiblility of realizing that these people’s lives ARE in danger and the DO — according to the spirit of the law of the land we live in — have the right, as children of foreclosure victims — to NOT be abused and made into street children!

Free foreclosure Lawyer Dot-com resource is a resource designed to fill a very, very painfully needed void in available and useful help to the fine families today who are being foreclosed out of there home. The battle they need to fight is a legal battle. The weapons, guns and bullets used to fight a legal battle are lawyers and the money to pay them. With that in mind, in the legal battle between homeowners being thrown out of their homes and banks who just look to improve their cash flow quickly, homeowners are fighting unarmed. And our legal system and all the programs Obama has in place will do no good if homeowners are having their rights violated and HOMEOWNERS FACING FORECLOSURE DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO A LAWYER! Legal Aid is NOT available for foreclosure victims!  We offer free foreclosure help and legal aid in the form of vital information, resources, forms, tips, blog and more more.Protect foreclosure victims’ human rights.Keep the American Dream Alive.

When a person falls sick onto the sidewalk, the people who offer to help are not necessarily the physicians. There afraid to help. The lawyers scared them off. And because they are afraid they’ll get sued they often hesitate to render assistance. It’s sad! The victim laying on the sidewalk is the victim of a car, a germ, a weapon, an accident, but rarely the victim of the doctor that can save him…

When a person is faced with foreclosure, he or she is “down on the sidewalk” too, often out on the street with family and kids and no roof, and everyone is afraid to help. The victim laying on the sidewalk is not the victim of a car, a germ, a weapon, an accident, but actually the victim of the legal system, and frighteningly, it’s only the legal system can save him… So in a way it’s like getting zapped by germs and needing to call up a germ and say: “Hey Germ, Are you a good germ or a bad germ? Would you help me?” If the germ says “Sure, no problem bro, just first write me a check…” Maybe it’s cause to be suspicious?

That’s what makes finding legal help when facing foreclosure so, so difficult and dangerous. The very best way to protect yourself is with a very experienced lawyer to help you. But the chances are you won’t get one. Probably because your inability to pay makes lawyers think of you as a waste of their time. A lawyer would need to invest a great deal of his or her time to help you successfully fight foreclosure. But if you could afford to pay that lawyer, you wouldn’t be in foreclosure. So that means your rights will not be protected! Not in this system.

The lawyers websites tell you just enough to sell their services to you… Then at some point they say: “Sure, no problem bro, just first write me a check…” :):) The government sites refer you to the state bar sites, they give you the name of a lawyer, and more often then not he or she will eventually either not return your calls or say “Sure, no problem bro, just first write me a check…”

That leaves the lenders in a very advantageosu position to sell your house and get rid of you quickly. If you have equity in your home, our research shows that there is a much greater likelihood that your efforts to negotiate a loan modification fall upon deaf ears, or will mysteriously get lost and delayed… But the knock on the door with the service of your foreclosure notice or sale date won’t get delayed. In fact, the lenders hire third party companies whose expertise is precisely what is termed in the trade as “Accelerating the Sale”. In other words, they are experts at getting people on the streets and selling your house while you scramble and come to the realization that without a lot of money in the bank you just don’t have too many rights or too many friends in high places who would risk going to bat for you!

And that is precsisely why we made this website. We WILL go to bat. We are a rock. The kind that you can’t get blood from. And as such our compassion leads us not our pocketbooks or a fear of helping. Just compassion. It is with this premise that we believe this website can offer a unique level of help. And we promise to do our best and not cower under threats or pressure. If caring about people is illegal then sue us!

It is advisable that you get a lawyer. We are not lawyers. This is not legal advice. A lawyer in your state can best help you probably much better than we can. When you’re broke, when you and your children are being thrown out of your homes, when you have absolutely no one else to turn to, we WILL be here to do our best for you! That’s all we can promise.