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Real Sories from foreclosure victims

Good Samaritans Help Cancer Survivor Avoid Foreclosure at 11th Hour

A home foreclosure nightmare has become a dream come true for a father of three who had to battle what he says was an unbending finance company in addition to stage 4 kidney cancer. Forty-year-old Angelo Kontarinis of Exeter, N.H., an adjunct professor at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, was diagnosed with kidney cancer […]

WAMU Illegal Entry Into Home: Case Study

Foreclosure is considered a civil issue, because it is basically a contract dispute. But with most contract disputes, both parties are considered innocent until proven guilty, not so in Foreclosures — especially in non-judicial states such as Oregon. And in most civil contract disputes, there are no innocent victims. This story focuses on a dangerous […]

Foreclosure? Will WAMU Get a Bag of Coal this Christmas!

We all hope the idea of loan modifications will prove to be a useful one, but the following true story may leave us a bit skeptical: “In response to your request to modify your loan, we are sending a locksmith to re-key your locks and lock your your family out on the street.” Which is […]