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Zombie Homes and Zombie Houses

Zombie Homes and Zombie Houses The banks these homeowners who were foreclosed upon The banks need to work with the homeowners towards a win/win answer! Many people look at Zombie Homes or Zombie Houses and only think of the problems they can cause for neighbors and local police. There is no doubt that empty, abandoned […]

Banks with the Most Foreclosures?

Which Banks Have the Most Foreclosures? Is your bank the foreclosure king? List of the Banks with the most foreclosures: Historically, the clear leader in foreclosing homes was Bank of America. But here are the big hitters:   #1 Bank of America #2 Wells Fargo #3 JP Morgan Chase #4 US Bancorp #5 Deutsche Bank […]

Foreclosure News

Foreclosure News All the latest news about foreclosures in the USA. New York Attorney General Examining Private Equity Firm’s Mortgage Business Wed, 07 Oct 2015 00:00:00 -0400 Eric T. Schneiderman is investigating Lone Star Funds-owned Caliber Home Loans, which has grown explosively in recent years but also drawn criticism. Foreclosure Abuses, Revisited Tue, 06 Oct […]

Let’s share our experiences with Foreclosure Attorneys

Foreclosure Law Firms Foreclosure Attorneys Share your foreclosure experiences We would like to post your experiences. There is power in knowledge and if we all put our heads together, it may help us resolve some really challenging foreclosure problems. The people who have visited this site over the last half decade have been through it […]

Foreclosure Attorney Forclosure Lawyer Needed Now More Than Before

With the housing crises now over a half-decade old, today we are mired in huge numbers of homes in limbo. No one even knows who these homes belong too. Often, the owners were forced to leave the property but perhaps illegally? Perhaps the events leading to the eviction were not legal. If you are confused […]

BLACK: There Was “Massive Illegality” In Mortgage Lending

WaMu, and others motivated by greed, financial crisis probe concludes

Sen. Levin calls Goldman Sachs tactics “disgraceful”… In one 2007 case, executives at Washington Mutual Bank were urgently trying to sell risky loans likely to go delinquent to get them off its own books and pass the expected losses on to investors, the committee report concludes. The Senate panel investigators found that WaMu pooled 1,900 loans worth more than $1 billion in a security in March 2007. Within 9 months, the ratings on the loans were downgraded and by February 2010, more than half the loans were delinquent.

WAMU not really the lender on notes between 2005 and 2008

WAMU was not really the lender on notes between 2005 and 2008. Can a “nominal Lender” that did not fund the transaction, but rather fraudulently allowed its name to be put on a Note and Deed of Trust or Mortgage to trick a Homeowner into signing a Deed of Trust or Mortgage to secure an Investment Security, assign a Beneficial Right it never had to another Beneficiary?

List of Foreclosure Law Firms Linked to Robo-Signing

If your foreclosure involves a law firm whose name is on the list below, then there is a good chance that many fraudulent practices were employed. If you see one of these attorney’s names on your paperwork, then check to see if they took some less-than-legal shortcuts in the process.

How many Sub-Prime mortgages acuired by Chase from WAMU via FDIC have become permanent loan modifications

WHAT PERCENTAGE OF SUB-PRIME MORTGAGES THAT WERE ACQUIRED FROM WAMU HAVE BECOME PERMANENT MODIFIED LOANS. This information is even hidden from JP Morgan Chase employees. Without this vital statistic, Obama is wasting the taxpayers’ money!

JP Morgan Chase and WAMU Foreclosure Class Action

We Need JP Morgan Chase and WAMU Class Action in Every State! …The suit alleges that Chase and WAMU had no reasonable basis to conclude that their borrowers’ finances had in fact declined and that the banks broke their written promises to provide customers with two weeks’ notice to substantiate their incomes before taking such […]

HAMP Permanent loan modifications: Where there’s a will, there’s a way

JP Morgan Chase Converts 1.46% of their HAMP Trial Loan Modifications into Permanent Modifications. Other motivated banks have a 83% success rate. What’s really going on?

Capital One: Expertise in Entrapment of the Poor

As soon as Capital One sniffs out financial difficulties, the start sending out credit card applications. If you ignore them, they disguise them in different shape envelopes. Some are designed to look so official, so mysterious — nothing but a very official return address — one becomes fearful of not opening it…  This company has […]

Albert Einstein on those who look on and do nothing

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but those who look on and do nothing…” Albert Einstein

One More Good Reason Banks Don’t Make Modifications Permanent

Chase Home Finance Has MANY Good Reasons Not To Make Your Modification Permanent You’ll find quite a few listed on this blog. This is just one more, certainly not the only one: Right now your mortgage is on the books with a home value that fully covers the loan. Once the trial modification is made […]

Foreclosure Prevention: High Noon. Two Gunfighters. One Has NO Gun!

Legal battles are hard enough to fight if they are fair. But when one person goes into the ring blindfolded and with hands bound, it’s not fun to watch. This section will discuss the ideal ways to fight back if you are victimized, for any reason, by a wrongful foreclosure. What is provided is just […]

Wamu/Chase Foreclosure Victims’ Real Stories – Tell us yours!

Robert of San Jose, CA July 1, 2009 I would first like to state Im a first time home buyer. It all started 2006 When I recived a notice of Trustee’s Sale dont really remember the out come of that noice I do know Im still ilving in the home. Well I recived a Notice […]

J.P. Morgan Chase Chase Paid 3 Cents on the Dollar for Foreclosed Loans

In its most recent quarter, J.P. Morgan’s profit more than quadrupled to $3.3 billion. J.P. Morgan got a great deal on WaMu, which it bought out of receivership for 3 cents on the dollar. Every time WaMu does a foreclosure, J.P. Morgan makes money. With this in mind there is plenty of room in their business plan to have a conscience that can make a good profit, safely, without creating fabricated excuses to deny permanent modifications and to through families and children out on the streets.

Making Home Affordable vs. Making Foreclosure More Profitable for Lenders?

When interest rates are going down, banks are faster than speeding bullets at closing mortgages. Before the advent of the computer, no one was better at not losing paperwork than banks. When it comes to permanent loan modifications, timing = profit or loss. Manipulating the timing work to affect profit is not the goal. The name states the goal well: Making Home Affordable. But should it be renamed: Making Foreclosure More Profitable for Lenders? Let’s keep the program goal in our sights.

Foreclosure Lawyer Rip Offs to Avoid

HUD ADVANCES FIGHT AGAINST LOAN MODIFICATION SCAMS. National Coalition Launches Online Scam Reporting Tool