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Ask your attorney General to investigate how many sub-prime mortgages JP Morgan Chase has actually converted to permanent modifications. If there is no true intent on the part of the lender to really modify a loan, then they are deceptively misleading borrowers to continue to accrue high interest each month under the false hope that they will receive a modified loan if they qualify. The punch line is, no one qualified if the decision makers can do it all behind closed doors and with no monitoring. And especially since Chase’ sub-prime loans were acquired from the FDIC for maybe one penny on the dollar. Chase can steal your home, sell it for 33% and make a bundle AND the get to claim a tax write-off for their make-believe losses that we all pay for in April! Let’s put these thieves in jail!

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How to find a foreclosure lawyer

All you are trying to do is get a low interest loan so you don’t lose your home to foreclosure! But searching for a Foreclosure Lawyer is like swimming in a pool of piranhas. They are not cuddling up to comfort you! There are laws governing the way lawyers can solicit distressed homeowners who are facing foreclosure. And every state has a bar association governing lawyers that each has its own policy regarding the methods used by ‘law firms’ to solicit foreclosure clients.

Caution! Some of the most common tactics are:

1. Lead Farms: Web sites that are designed to rank high in Google for foreclosure lawyers, that have you fill out a form, and have a lawyer contact you. They charge lawyers to buy those leads and do little if anything to qualify them except collect money from them. Then they provide your contact information to several client hungry ambulance chasers who will hound and harass you. Most require a deposit in advance and encourage you to sell something to cover that payment which can be upwards of $7,000 or more at the time this was researched. If your financial situation could afford such a payment, you probably wouldn’t be facing foreclosure! Putting money in someone’s pocket to help is no problem, but when there’s nothing gained and money lost, it’s a big problem!

2. Bait and Switch: One very popular tactic is to offer a compassionate ear, have a clerk, (usually a lead processor; rarely a trained lawyer or attorney) listen to your story, have you provide very detailed information about your income and mortgage, then schedule an appointment for someone to call you, who again may or may not be a lawyer. Ultimately you are told that filing bankruptcy is the best solution. A more careful review of the firm will reveal that that is ALL the firm has ever done. And they have no experience negotiating loan modification or battling complex truth in lending cases or any perceived unfair lending practices that may have affected your situation.

3. Take the money and run: These companies are the most blatant thieves and are more and more being forced out of business. But they still exist and always come back with new scams and methods to fool desperate people. In the simplest terms, one scenario is as follows: The most hardcore simply take your deposit (large ones) and do little or nothing in return, or they have you sign very damaging contracts and make payments to them rather than the lender and instruct you to cease all contact with the lender directly. Later only to discover that the payments you make never went towards your mortgage but into the sleaze bag’s pockets and the home went further into default and now, with the new paperwork you signed belongs to the sleaze bag and not you.

Conclusion: Fighting foreclosure is a challenging legal battle that requires a law firm to invest a LOT of costly time. If the firm loses it gains nothing and stands to lose a LOT! The difference between foreclosure cases and so many other kinds of cases that law firms can choose to handle is this. If they win, they still don’t make any money! So all but the most sincere and compassionate law firms avoid foreclosure cases like mosquitos. There are no lawyers, attorneys or mosguitos directly associated with this website! We cannot provide legal advice and our sotdrinks do not coagulate! Use the information in this website when deciding who to pay and who not to pay when trying to save you home!

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