Fight Foreclosure

There are many ways to “get out of foreclosure”. Most homeowners in foreclosure are not trying to get away with anything, and most have great track records of respecting their financial obligations. Attitudes towards individuals in foreclosure are somewhat ironic, especially considering that some of the financial institutions that are putting their mortgage holders on the streets, would be out on the streets right now themselves, if it weren’t for a financial rescue from our mutual uncle, Sam. Other lenders who are locking homeowners out of their homes today were in forced sales or collapsed  including Washington Mutual Inc., Wachovia Corp., IndyMac Bancorp and Countrywide Financial Corp., and many more. Since January 2008, a whopping 65 banks have been shut down. These are the “good guys” and the moms and dads who work a handful of jobs to pay the bill who are getting locked out of their home are the bad guys? Go figure…

And when a family finds itself facing foreclosure, lawyers have little to gain from these people who don’t have the means to pay high fees and their cases usually won’t bring about large sums of money in litigations. Representing a foreclosure client takes a lot of time and law firms can make more money handling different kinds of cases.

Everyone heard of “Legal Aid Lawyers” but these are federally funded and restricted in most cases to certain types of cases and excludes foreclosure help. The idea is to help victims of serious crimes with victims who are abused or attacked. The funny thing is that sometimes lenders do things that do endanger the homeowner-residents, such as illegal criminal breaking and entering, locking babies and single moms out on the street when they still have the right to be in their homes, and many other assorted atrocities. But these cases still typically don’t qualify for Legal Aid.

There are a lot of Foreclosure Relief Companies crawling out of the woodwork, just like the debt relief companies that surfaced claiming they could erase your bad credit. The problem is, they can only make money by giving you very, very little personalized attention. The approach they take is a one-size-fits-all approach and everyone gets the same cookie cutter service. This means that in many cases, individuals with genuine unique issues never get to communicate these to the courts or even the lenders. Maybe the individuals could manage to get better results on their own. A real experienced lawyer is a tremendous asset in a foreclosure resolution, the problem is the one-size-fits-all approach often doesn’t fit!

We will be a repository of information that will certainly assist the homeowner facing foreclosure be better prepared to defend their home against foreclosure. Assuming that most homeowners in foreclosure can not afford to pay a great lawyer, it would seem that there is a real need for a website such as this one.

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